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Apr 14, 2008

wow, it doesn't get any
less surreal in the playoffs...
any game any bounce,
and its all over...
this league has got
more parity and the
unpredictability factor
maxes right out

its awesome

for me it was

i was too smug
and then eating
nachos and danishes
just an hour
before the game

and the feeling
that all was well
and would be well

and the drama
between the beginning and
even before the beginning
and possibly long after the end

brilliant beyond any hoser's
dreams or expectations
because life is just that...
beyond our dreams because
its just so much more real

it was
a fantastic season
as a player for me

my team had total
team chemistry
going on
in victory
and defeat...
great vibes
and although
we are still
a bit
in shock
its all good

its still
a great season
a great league
a great community
and a great game

its still
the same friends
same complaints
and same ambition

how the cookie crumbs
is anyones guess
this year
and that keeps it
and exciting

jamie and adam have
never won
a finals before
and manny's team
won it last year
without manny

last year they had
gregus on fire
and now
manny is on fire
so this year
who knows ?

hey, manny scored 5 times
and assisted on red's
3 other goals

wow, an 8 point game
and he just knocked me
out of first place
in the playoff stats

its alright
i can take it

its a such a
wonderful league
and its been fun
watching it all unfold

i was the ref
in the second game
and that was also
an experience
and a half

at a critical
momentum moment
paul nearly trips luis
going after the ball
who was crashing the net
and this sends
luis out of control
into furious
on whose stick
luis is tripped again
so now he is
doing a summersault
towards the back wall
and lands with his head
within a foot of the wall
at which point i whistled
down the play

i had stopped
watching the play anyway

i was watching luis

green had a 3 on 2
and paul was walking in
on the goalie

i turned and saw
mark and paul
pissed off about the call

luis was fine
i was relieved
but the green team
was angry and
lost their focus

they were only
one goal down
and could have
come right back
even after the play resumed
they were commenting
about that call

red jumped on the
emotional shift and
put the game out of reach

i regret creating
any sort of effect
on the game

when a ref does that it
becomes an artifact
of the game and
not the real thing

a ref should catalyse events
with neutrality which
means in the long run
all the quirks even out
but in a one-game
elimination situation
the quirks might not
even out exactly
but there is a lesson
in everything

in the NHL
they wouldn't stop play
to see if someone
is okay
but these are the moments
that define us
and we are not
trying to be
the NHL in all respects

over beers
at the firkin
mark and paul and i
recognized that
right or wrong
there was
no malice intended
and thats what
make it alright

it makes it human
and then mark confessed
that he was just frustrated
about everything including
his own performance

he was being double teamed
and altho' that didn't work
last year

it did the trick this year

and one call
good or bad
make the difference

jamie's overtime goal
may have involved
a hand pass from
adam to jamie

even the way
jamie crashed the net
back first
pushing the defenseman
out of the way

may be a questionable play
but there are so many
if, when, & buts about it

if its that close
then anyone is entitled to it

the whole game depends upon
the whole game and if
one team can't pull away
then its a total luck thing

one goal here
or a penalty there
shouldn't make
the difference
and if it does then
anyone is entitled to it

if paul and gregus
had their break-away
yet were stopped
or if even if they scored
would that
guarantee anything ?

they still may have lost

blue could have
tied the overtime
and lost
in the shoot out

nobody was hurt so
its all good

the fact is that
no team
is blowing away
any other team
so once again parity
rules the day

thats what
we wanted
in this
situation and
we achieved it

blue was solid but
we weren't capitalizing
on our chances

the luck of the bounce
and the fact that
both goalies
were amazing
meant that
it was always
anybody's game

don't expect that
to change
as we count down
to the winner
and the banquet

looking forward to
seeing you all
working out as we
watch the finals


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