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Feb 4, 2008

This last week was our
worst injury day yet.
St. Onge had a dizzy spell
5 minutes into his game
and went straight to the
hospital. Manny possibly
suffered a compression
fracture to his wrist.
Curley was hit on a
follow-through and will
likely be ready for the
all-star game tomorrow.

Aron and I are probable
game-day scratches and
Manny and St.Onge will
not play for sure.

will start with pick-up
and the skills competition.

This will give players
a chance to show up
so we can find out
who will represent
their age group
this year.

We have targets and
will set up pylon courses.

Plus there will be the
penalty shot competition.

It will be interesting
to find out
who is the fastest
with the ball and
most accurate with
an unhurried shot.

Early polls think Dave Lantz
has the shot and
Luis or Adam have
the speed and
the blue-chip money
is on Mark Gregus
for penalty shots...

Days like last Monday
remind us that we are
in a dangerous game
even if we are vigilant.

Chris the ref has been told
to call a penalty when
someone goes down
by stepping on
another player's stick
like Manny did when
he smashed his wrist.

There will be a lot of you
who think unintentional
accidents like that are
not the responsibility
of well-intentioned players
who just happen to
get their sticks caught
under the shoes of others.

Josh the ref 2 and
3 years ago used to
penalize "accidental" trips
consistently and it helped.

Players will now have to
make sure they don't
get their sticks stepped on
and fewer falls like Manny's
will be the outcome...
Don't complain that you
"didn't mean it" if you get
called for THAT next time.

Next Monday Feb 11th
will be having their
own version of
Harris, Aron, Sander,
Leslie and I bringing out
all our kids. That should mean
that eight kids will watching
from the track.

Blue will be playing Red
so maybe Gabe might consider
bring his daughter out too.

If any players who are
on the first all-star team
cannot make it then
please let anyone
on the committee know.

Some players don't intend
to come if they don't make
the first team so getting
a better idea of who will show
may get some of them out.
The game is tomorrow
so please RSVP
as soon as possible.

Everyone who shows up
will play either in the official game
or in the pick-up games
before and after.
Plus we all want to get a sense
of our skills ranking
in the skills competition.

So treat yourself to
2 ball hockey work-outs
this week and see you
tomorrow Thursday Feb 7th
at 6:45.

P.S. There is something wrong
with the website so although
we have the stats for the
last three games, they
will not be entered until
our resident web-guru mitch
gets a chance to fix our problem.

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