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Jan 21, 2008

JASON is amazing !
He has secured
Feb 7th, 2008 for
He is also in the process
of ordering more sticks.

On facebook i learned
that the Gregus family
now has an extra
superstar baby boy.
Congrats Mark !!

How do we add that
to the stats ?

And on the topic of
families its
Family Day on
February 18th and
the JCC will be closed
so no hockey :(

What a crazy week.
Three top players
Gregus Marrus and Slipacoff
were absent and
it made a difference


green bay without gregus
carter and schonberg and
with amir at quarter strength
had no chance defending
themselves against the
ubiquitous fog with its
mysterious burst of speed

sanjay and ron were
absent from the fog's lineup

curley and reznick
both had hat-tricks
as the 5-man team
racked up 18 points
that night on an
8 to 1 blow-out victory

our thoughts are with
gregus' family as we wait
patiently for news of the
birth of his first child

he was at the firkin
the week before and
looked ready and
stoked for the birth

he definitely had
his game face on


with a full team
White Out can routinely
erase the competition
and without Marrus
The Blacks had
little chance of
avoid a whitewash

it was definitely a
character building game
for the blacks who
were down 4-2
at the half with
goals by jamie and eric

it was amazing to watch
jamie transform into a leader
putting himself on defense
and quaterbacking his troops

the added responsibility
looked good on him
and even forced him
to contain his rage

and he even played
defense well
but of course it
took a huge toll
on his offensive output

but white out was
strong and aggresive

no mercy for the
marrus-less blacks

RED vs. BLUE man group

Les sprained his ankle
the week before and
Aron is still injured so
BMG was expecting a
thin roster which got
even thinner as the game

mid-way thru the first half
Sander pulled his thigh muscle
but not before popping in
BMG's first two goals

he kept playing because
one of his rockstar clients
were watching but
Blue was on its last leg

but you wouldn't have
known it from the score

3-2 for red at the half
and 5-4 for red
with only a couple of
minutes to play

Blue pulled its goalie
and red scored two more
making it a 7-4 final

Injuries are plaguing
our league and this
is a reminder to all
to try to warm-up
before the game
and play safe

also i noticed a pattern

Leslie got injured when
his family was watching
and Sander got injured
when his client was watching

I think its also important
for us to remember this
so next time we try
just a bit harder to
make things happen...
we don't over extend ourselves

its easier said than done
but its something to think about

Manny was back to his
usual form scoring a hat-trick
and getting 3 assists

MacPhail sored twice
and Jeff had 3 assists

was amazing as usual
but unfortunately the
early game Greens
did not stay long enough
to connect with the
late game Red and Blues

now that Lepage has
a young girlfriend he's
good for one drink
then he leaves...

what does she have that
a dozen smelly guys
drinking beer in a bar
don't ? I'm so confused...

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