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Jan 7, 2008

Welcome to 2008.
As the snow melts
we realize that we’ve
slid into the second half
of the season.
The first game back
showed a promising
pattern as the
3 bottom teams
beat the 3 at the top.
This is a great sign
indicating that
parity is alive and well
in the JCC league.
Red Grey and Green
are looking strong
as the race for the
top two spots
begins in earnest.

The only trade
that was made
involved the 2
rookies, Ben Mogil
and Dan Schonberg.
Both of them
have expressed
that they like
the trade and
look forward to
playing on their
new teams.

The all-star game
will happen soon
but we don’t know
when… yet
Hopefully in January
around the time
of the NHL
all-star game.

Manny had 4 points
And Red has not lost
Whenever he has had
3 or more. He
truly galvanizes
the red team
which needs the spark
he gives with his
speed and focus.
Red now has two wins
in a row against
two top ranked teams.

Gabe Tick scored twice.

For White
Lorne scored &
Davey assisted
all four goals.

The FOG vs. BMG

Blue Man Group has
Had limited success
Controlling games
With the speed
That the fog can
Dish out.

Considering that
their first line has
Curley and Sanjay
as well as Reznick
its not suprising.
This all-star line
is far from apathetic
Their second line
has Lessem back
with Ronny, Cornberg
or Mitch up front &
although slower
than the “kid line”
these seasoned vets
rarely cough it up
and take their D
very seriously.

Blue has yet to beat them.
With Reznick now
showing up consistently
the other teams should note
that the fog is rolling in
and anyone who falls
for their apathetic disguise
will be lost in the haze.

GREEN vs. Black Team

This was the first game
in which Ben played for Black
and Dan played for Green.

Going into the game
Dan had only two assists
but this was to be
his best game yet.

When it was all over
Dan’s two goals
made the difference
as Green edged Black
6 to 5.

This was also Amir’s
first game back so
as we all expected
he looked a bit shaky.

The FIRKIN was amazing again
And we tried to add up the
All-star ballots but
It was taking too much time.

They have since
been tabulated
and the first teams
are being posted on the
news section at the top
of the home page.

Tonight will have
three great matchups.

None of the teams
are run-away winners
and each night comes
with great surprises.

Time for pasta.
See you all tonight.

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