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Oct 15, 2007

Joel and Joy adopt a baby girl.
Olive Ruth Lessem !

Sander and Les play
their best games all season
infront of their children !

Sander scores a hat-trick !

Dan Black and the white team
push Jamie's Black team to the brink
while the Lantz brothers
are vacationing in Isreal.

We've got our team shirts!

So much for the good news.
Anissa is leaving the JCC...

We will miss her and
the support she has given
our beloved league
since the day she arrived.

The sticks and the nets
and her contribution to
grandfathering our players.

Her amazing go-getter attitude
and last but not least
her grace and beauty
whenever she came up
to the gym to check things out.

She will be missed for sure
but she is excited about
her new position
at Rogers working
at their athletic facility.
Perhaps we should just think
that she is at the skydome
helping out the blue jays.

Blue vs Red

I had 3 hours of sleep
the night before
cleaning up my office
like a librarian on steroids
so i was a zombie
by around 6 pm.

I checked this website
and could swear
to this day
that i saw the F game
in the 9:15 spot
but on the way
to Carolyn's house
i started to doubt myself.

I called Aron and Amir
to verify my game time.
Amir said yeah its the late game.

I immediately hit the sack
at Carolyn's to get
even a couple of hours
of much needed rest.

I get a call from Amir
at 7:15 saying
"your team is on
right now dude!"

20 minutes later
i stagger into the gym
and sure enough
there they are.

I get to play the last
15 minutes of the game
and that was perfect
considering the shape
i was in.

Besides, my team
was doing great
without me.

The old boys
really know how to
play defense and
with Sander popping
in three goals
our team looked
more solid than ever.

Les had an amazing
running game and
as it turns out his
daughter and wife
were there too.

It was a family day
for the blue team
and with this performance
we could see
a few more family days
during the playoffs.

Green vs. Grey

Without Cornberg Reznick and Brauer
it was a long night for Grey.

Lessem Ron Mitch and Curley
took on the awesome might
of Mark Gregus and the Green Team

Mitch score twice as both he
and Curley had three point games
but this one was way out of reach.

Amir and Mark both had
6 point games.

Everyone on green had
at least two points.

Grey was tired and
Green was showing no mercy.

Black vs. White

Just to make things simple
Dan Black plays for white
and Larry White plays goal
but not tonight.

I spoke to Glen after the game
and he described it this way.

White was without the Lantz brothers
so Black thought that it would be
an easy win but team White
was always bouncing back.

He was especially amazed with
Dan Black who seemed to
rise to the occassion as
a scorer and also as a
catalyst and leader
in the absence of Davey.

Jamie got so frustrated
after the ref told him to "cool it"
that he needed his teamates
to prevent him from
blowing his stack.

At this time
we remind the league
that the ref can
say "cool it"
or pretty well
anything he wants
whenever he wants
and if you act
aggressive towards him
he can boot you
right out of the gym
with a one game suspension.

Our ref is young and
new to our league but
we will encourage him
to get tough
on aggressive behavior.

Later Jamie drew a penalty
and Black took the lead for good.

Amazing to hear how well
White is doing during
the Lantzes' absence.

Always reminds me of
the great performances
of the raptors while
vince carter was out.

Earlier in the evening
there was an incident
in the first game
which could use
some clarification.

During a line change a player
(who is coming off)
can be within 7 feet
of the bench
and as long as
he is making his way
towards the bench
and does not
touch the ball
or interfere with play
another player
(who is replacing him)
can get on the court
and play the ball.

Of course if the ball
touches the player
who is going off
then its a bench penalty
just as though
he was on the bench
and his foot or stick
was on the court
and was hit by the ball.

was amazing

This time
we got to see
Brain McCabe score
on his own net.

Its a bit of a
knee jerk reaction
but those
leaf screw-ups
make me laugh.

I was a big leaf fan
in the 70's
so along with
the millions
of other leaf fans
my age
we had lots of practice
and learned to laugh off
really ridiculous blunders
just like that one.
It was like old times !

I don't have access
to the video i made
last monday night
which would let me know
who showed up
but i do know that
almost all of the blue team
(except sander and family)
were there.

And even though
blue had won,
they weren't partying
any more (nor less)
than after their defeat
at the hands of green
the week before.

See you all tonight.
Time for my pasta.

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