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Oct 1, 2007

Thanksgiving Monday tonight
and that means NO HOCKEY !
Please don’t panic.
Just breathe.

Hockey will be back
next week.

In with the good air,
Out with the bad air.

Try not to hyperventilate.
Try not to crave that which
you cannot have.
Don’t even think
of your regular
weekly dose of that
intoxicating game
and après game outing.

October first 2007
was amazing !!

100% TURNOUT !

Not a single absent player.
Wow. We were all there.

That was the BIG NEWS !!

We have THE most
dedicated players
in the city
and they would all
rather be playing
than eating turkey
today but…
just don’t think about it.

The gym is locked
for thanksgiving.

That’s aweful for turkeys
and excruciating for us who
have to go “cold turkey”
til next Monday so just
don’t think about it.

I love the vibe this year.
It’s a calm enthusiasm…
quietly infectious.

It is creeping
into the veins
of the rookies
who are still
getting the jitters
but can are glimpsing
what the fuss is about
catching flashes of
the light beyond.

Its already
in the veins of
the vets who
don’t want to seem
too excited
too early.

Jamie is already
impatient for stats.
The goalies are eager
and organized.

The teams are gelling.
Lines are forming.

Strategy is
being discussed
& beer is
being ordered
by the pitcher.

C vs. E

Team C has the
Lantz brothers united
with their cousin Mike
“Empty Threat” Telpner.

MT scored twice
and his game
has never been better.

That team is
an obvious

Brian and Jordy
are picking up
the subtleties of
whiffle ball dynamics
super fast.

Dan Black and
the Saint
are playing
at the top
of their game.

Wow. Great team.

Team E has
last years’ finalists
Reznick, Lessem and Brauer
along with the vets
Cornberg, Ronnie,
and Mitty.

In addition they also
have the crazy atletecism
of super-rookie Dan Curley.

Talk around town
is that Curley could
very well be the next
St. Onge.

Last week Dean
scored a hat-trick
in his first game.
He is definitely
on fire. We all
remember Dean’s
playoff performances
but now he is scoring
during regular season !

This game was
also a first for the
new age daydream
goalie Ziggy Stardust
(no relation to
David Bowie).

Sanjay has fallen
out of the schedule
because he is an actor
who always gets booked
just as he commits full time
to our league…

It happens like this
all the time with Sanjay.

We’re beginning to think
that hockey is just
a stepping stone in his
acting career.
unless he is a JCC goalie.

We hope he remembers us
and mentions us
when he is accepting
his academy award.

Being a JCC goalie
perhaps gives him the
self-confidence to
do a great audition.

So Ziggy the rock star
has come along
at the perfect time
to pick up the slack
from Sanjay the movie star.

So back to the game…

The Team C scoring
started with rookie Brian’s
first goal from St. Onge.

Then Lorne, Paul, Dave,
Dan and Mike scored.

Almost everyone on
Team C was in on the stats
that night.

It wasn’t just the old
Dave and Lorne show
tho’ Davey did
get five points.

Furious Romo got his
first shutout
of the evening
as Team E
got off to
a shaky start.

4-0 going into
the second half.

Finally Cornberg
opened the scoring for E.

Lessem scored as well
in his first game back
and Dan Curley scored
the third E goal unassisted
in his first game
with the E team.

The game ended 8-4
for Team C.

A vs. D

The real Dan Schonberg
finally stood up and now
two-thirds of the teams
have a Dan.

Not to mention
Furious Dan in net.

This game
was my favorite
of the evening.

Great defense and a
crazy goalie showdown
between Jesse and Dan.

G-man Glenski
opened the scoring
for Team A and
G-man Gabe
returned the favour
for D.

All of last years
Grey Lord scorers
were there altho’
Manny was now playing
against the others.

The three of them led
the scoring race last year
and are leading it again now.

Adam and Manny
exchanged goals.

2-2 tie going into the second half.

Jamie got the
go ahead goal
but that lead would
only last until
crunch time

Less than
a minute left…
Dan pulled for
the extra attacker
and Evan beats Jesse
with a shot
from the slot.

It end in
a 3-all tie.


Amazing defense.

Adam, Manny
and Jamie already
at the top of
the scoring ladder
and they managed
only four points total
between them.

That is Great D.

Old style hockey.

B vs. F

Team B for
those of you who
can remember back
three years is almost
a remake of
the Honey Bees.

The Honey Bees lost to
the Red Zepellin which
then went on to win
the championship of 04/05.

Last years’ championship team
the red light district
included Mark and Amir.

Any team that Mark is on
is automatically considered
a serious contender.

Any team that Amir is on
takes a few extra months
to gel.

With Lepage taking care
of defense Amir will
be able to cherry-pick
shamelessly and
everyone is happy.

This is a
solid backbone
of a team and
a perfect place
for the two rookies
Ben and Mike Rosen
to get the support
they need.

Add to the mix
the return of Packer
and Carter and my
aging and fat Team F
had its hands full.

I opened the scoring
with a power-play goal.

Sander took us up by two
and that’s when Mark
woke up and
began his rampage

He ended up with
hat-trick plus assist.

Packer who Amir
considers to be
the player with the
most hockey sense
in the league had
a four point evening
as well with
two goals two assists.

The shining star
in the Team F lineup
was definitely our Dan.

Greenstein kept
finding the net
with his random shots
from anywhere.

The 2 Dan goals
at the end of
the first period
kept it tied 4-4
going into
the second.

Then Team F
lost momentum.

Harry scored once
but that
would be it
from Team F.

Matt scored
and assisted twice
in the second half.

7-5 Team B was
the final score
with an empty net goal
in the very last minute.


Was fantastic
as usual.

Furious Romo
was there as usual
and so was Jesse

That’s a decent two-thirds
of the goalies and
i’m not even sure
whether or not
Ziggy Stardust
even knows about
The Great Firkin tradition.

Glen was there for the A-team
Mark was representing for Bees
Andrew, Evan & Gabe
was an impressive three
from team Drunk
but Team Fat took the
power-ranking with
Roy Harris Les and myself.

We watched some awesome
12th inning baseball showdown
and had mind expanding discussions
about subjects that now
escape my mind.

See you all next Monday
October the fifteenth.

Have an amazing week
and lets send out our love
to all the poor turkeys.

Lets hope that
they follow the blue light
to Nirvana
and not the white light
only leads them back
to reincarnate
as turkey farmers.

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