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ol boy pylon rivalry (Feb 9, 2003)

last night Mitch and Jordana's engagement party was awesome

i arrived when the party was at full tilt
Ronnie and Jeff had already left unfortunately
and Jordana was falling asleep in Mitch's arms
which is an image that will stay with me forever.
The gentle side of Mitch, the usual fire in his eyes replaced by a soft warm glow.

the whole room was so cozy

the punch was so fine with Vodka
that I left my white Hungarian wine sitting there, lonely and corked.

by the end of the night i was corked too but definitely not lonely

I got to close the party down (for a change) with Tim & Mitch and Tim's wonderful babe Loreena

it was great to move a nice chunk of the firkin contingent to a new location, add some new friends into the mix, add some vodka to the punch, smoke and keep drinking well past 2 am


In 1999 Aron invented some new awards and one of them
ended up with me for the last few years.

Its the "Cinderella Award" which goes
"To the team that best utilizes a full team effort to defy the odds" (and that definition was a euphemism for the real gist of it
which had had to do with
using team spirit to make up for a lack of talent)

"Jim's Team" had Jim Martella as captain and he was the only veteran. The rookies included Tanner, Patrick, Chris, Chris' friend Dave and i (playing goal). Being rookies nobody expected us to be a factor in the playoffs which we would have won (if Paul hadn't kept scoring fluky goals on me in the final game).

So as far as teams that are doing well inspite of a lack of obvious talent, propelled along by an unwaivering sense of team spirit, I have to say the Boyz and the Pylons are at it again, right at the top of the heap. Tim argues that the boyz have less talent but mostly i think we are just as average as they are. Most of the hoopla around pylon players is based on little more than our thorough domination of the league's scoring race at the beginning of this year (and that lasted only a month or so).

Eric on the other hand has been in the top 5 since he joined 2 years ago.

Who is the most average is just one more competition which is embroiling the passion and imagination of the ever-so-fearce Good Ol' Boys / Pylons rivalry.

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