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Sept 17, 2007

A crisp new season
brings anticipation
that to me is completely
of the autumn variety.

The leaves change colour
and usually our t-shirts
do as well though mine
has been black for two years.

The leaves start falling
away from the tree
and some players fall
away from the league.

This year we lost
an entire branch of
great athletes and friends
affectionately known
as the withrow gang.

Mike Kanter &
Mike Tanner,
Patrick Hornsby,
Chris Chambers,
Paul Russell, and
Marshall Beyer
will be missed
on the court and
at the firkin.

So now is a time
of renewal for the league.

The rookies are
as eager as ever and
not as rough and scrappy
as rookies tend to be.
i think they’ve already
adjusted to the spirit
of the league.

i’ve played with
most of them
at summer pick-up.

Lets welcome them
into our teams and
remind them of the
less obvious rules
of our game to
get them up to speed
as soon as possible.

Les is now a rookie
who is too tall for
most of the sticks
we have. He should
talk to Gabe about
stick solutions.

Also new this year are the
thanks to Anissa & Jason

they are amazing because
the room to argue about goals
has just been eliminated

thanks Anissa and Jason

much appreciated !!!

also new is our REF Chris.

Lets give him a break
while he gets caught up
on our unique brand
of hockey rules.

Last year was amazing.

The finals were intense
as usual and Mark Gregus
managed to carry his team
through thick and thin.

Joel Lessem was
out of town for
the final game
because his team
was as close
as it could get to
grabbing that brass ring.

The awards evening was a
beautiful night to remember
but since i was drinking heavily…

but I do remember
the red team with
the Championship Cup

and I was honoured
with the Ed Koehl
and I thank you for that

forever will that be
my favorite award

this was the year
amazing goalie award
was invented to give
appreciation for the
courage and acrobatics
of our amazing goalies

the first recipient was
the tried and true
Jesse Zuker

The most improved award
went to Glen Anthony
who had tamed his
penalty box habit and
became a great all-
around player.

i can remember
the Lantz brothers
posing with the
Batman Robin award.

i can remember
Chris Chambers and
Glen and i having a smoke
and reminiscing
about the year before
when we held
the championship cup.

i’ll never forget Manny
with the Picasso award
for most imaginative player.

Looking forward to
more magic from manny
& now he is on a team
with lots of defense.

Looking forward to
a lot of things
at this point
of the autumn.

Lets have more fun
than any season ever !

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