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May 7, 2007

The finals between Gang Green
and The Red Light District
begin next monday at 7 p.m.
and we hope that a lot of players
from teams already eliminated
will be there to cheer on the action.

Two more gigantic teams are out.

The grey lords and the babyz
were always a major force
and their presence was impressive
especially on the stats sheet where
Davey Manny Adam and Jamie
occupied the league’s top four spots.

Both elimination games
were incredibly close.

So close that individual goals
made all the difference and
that’s when disputes over goals
becomes a prominent issue.

These are the games
where it makes supreme sense
to run up the score if you can
because one or two goals
may not be enough.

Players are so eager
that they start celebrating
even if the ball
did not go in and
we will also forever suffer
from the oddities
of the whiffle ball
which can bounce out
even faster than it goes in.

I was standing by the track
on top of the gang green net
rooting for the under-dogs
which at that moment
happened to be blue and
a shot by Gabe hit the post.

I saw its trajectory and
I saw it hit the post
yet others insisted that
they saw it go right in.

Its safe to say that if your team
Does not take a commanding lead
Then the results can often
Be decided by the ref who
Is impartial but like all of us
Will suffer from selective vision.
Balls that bounce out too quickly
because they hit the back crossbar
are easy to mistaken with those
that hit the front crossbar.

That’s just the way it is and the way
it has always been and always will be
until we install cameras around the net.

Even goal judges at both ends
doing their unbiased best
will still leave many players unsatisfied
as I had while acting as
an unoffic ial goal judge
in that Gabe goal post incident.

I want to congratulate Blue and Grey
For having absolutely amazing seasons.
The Jamie Adam Manny JAM line
was a wild thing to behold
and play against.

Manny and Adam were
two of the fastest runners
in the league and
Jamie’s shot was
always dangerous.

In their last game
that line combined
for seven goals
and eight assists
but the Red Light district
had 8 goals scored by
6 of their 7 players.

Both amir and mark
had more assists than goals
and the rest of the District
did a great job finishing.

The Babys would have
won their game
if Paul didn’t get injured
early in the game.

In spite of missing two
of their top three scorers
the babys managed
to keep the game close
until the end.

Dean plays best
during the playoffs
scoring twice
in the game
which eliminated
the experience
and then
scoring twice again
plus an assist in
the 4-2 game
which eliminated
the babys.

During the parity talks
dean was a major source
of controversy for
exactly this reason.

His playoff scoring ability
is legendary and
Gang Green has
four other players who
finished ahead of him
during the season
so its safe to say that
green has lots of
scoring potential
even though they
do not have
a mark gregus.

In the final game
against grey
mark was at his best
dishing off
incredible passes
resulting in four assists.

I predict that the finals
will be very close.

Both teams have
strong defenses.
so they will likely
be tight
low scoring games.

Joel has indicated
that green will suffer
from lack of players
but we all know
that if any team
can win with
a short bench then
it is green.

Jordan’s secret weapon
was effective last Monday
and she may be returning
next week.

Jason will be absent
and the committee
has chosen two
JCC hall of famers
to help out
for this event.

Vince Galante will be ref.

Vinnie designed the logo
we wear on our shirts
and went into retirement
two years ago after
scoring the overtime goal
which gave Red Zeppelin
the championship
over the Ronnelly's

Tim Smith will keep score.

Timmy helped conceive
and design the website
along with Mitch,
the third member
of the famous MTV line.

It will be a great pleasure
to see them again
and we thank aron
for organizing it.

The firkin is extra special
these days because even
after the late pick-up game
the playoffs are still going
on their massive tv screen.

It is awesome
to have our playoffs
coincide with
the NHL playoffs
because it helps us
identify with our
professional counterparts.

It fits in perfectly with
that nebulous phenomenon
commonly described
as the “hoser’s dream”.

So today is the day before
the beginning of the finals.

It’s also mother’s day
and my birthday.

If any of you are around
Kensington market between
3 and 6 then go to the park
that borders on Augusta
a couple of blocks
north of dundas
and come celebrate
with me.

If you need a drink then
183 Augusta is where
we will be drinking legally.
Its got a balcony that
looks over the park.

It a perfect setup
for a sunny Sunday.

You are all invited.

See you Monday night.

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