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Apr 16, 2007 (the Semis begin)

And if I could have
predicted tonight's outcome
I still would not have guessed
that Puya (back from injury),
Boom Boom McPhail
and Ronny-On-The-Spot
(also back from injury)
would play such
pivotal roles

Les and Jesse were
exceptionally awesome

a great save at one end
was followed by another
at the other end &
it would go back and forth

total playoff hockey

it was fun
to be on
the outside
with no pressure
whatsoever !

blue and grey
with their backs
to the wall !


this may have been
their second last games

it just doesn't feel like it

blue with it's
legendary year
with more victories
than any other team
in recent history
and davie leading
the league with points

all that
on the line
because of a
one goal loss
to green

next game will
definately feature
some very intense babyz

lepage declared
"there is no way
that we are going
to lose the next one"

and the legendary
leading trio of
grey lord scorers
being held
to three goals

each of them
usually had
at least that

with les and jesse
doing their thing
everyone playing
more defense
next thing you know
there are
no easy goals

its all grind
from start to finish


Gangrene vs, the Baby'z

all seven baby'z played
and that means a lot

it may not show
in the score
but it still
means a lot

dom has disappeared
into the ether

green was
ahead by two
when i arrived

Rez and Russell
for both
of those

I watched
the last 10 minutes
of the first half and
no goals
were scored

man to man

two teams who
played defense

and dean

green seemed
like the team
no holes in it

the second half
they ran into
penalty problems

four penalties
in a row
while the baby'z
were clean
as driven snow

its like gangrene
had set in
pieces of the team
would fall off
every so often
and end up
in the penalty box

first jordan got
a hooking call &
then the saint
got 2 for roughing
and then dean
joined him for
letting jason know
he thought
the st onge penalty
was "bullshit"
and then finally
rez got another

puya tied it up
with two
powerplay goals
assisted by davie

but then
the momentum
didn't continue
for the baby'z
and gangrene
capitalized on
every blue mistake

two great shots
that picked
outside top corners...
the first from st onge
the next from dean
and the gang
was back on top

only shots that
hit the far corners
were going in

the baby'z are
a true blue
character team
and they
dug deep
and then
with davie's
first playoff goal
brought it
within one

they pulled
their goalie
but came up

a great game


the grey LORDS vs.
the red light DISTRICT

would the district
put a curfew
on the lords
would the lords
go to town
in the district

even if
i would have guessed
that manny opens the scoring

And even if I had guessed
that Andrew would be key
i still would not have
imagined the crazy shot
that boom boom mcphail
would rattle off the top shelf
behind les

and if i
may have guessed
that manny got
the second lords goal
how would i have known
that Sidney McPhail
would do a wicked one-timer
to tie it up

amir and gregus
were still
while mcphail
kept them
in the game


was running after
every single ball

the intensity
was great
the lords
were the first
to cave

jamie set up mark
in the slot
giving the district
a lead for the first time
in the game
and 3-2 is how
the first half

evan scored first
in the second half
and his goal
seemed to come
out of nowhere

gregus caught him
in the slot
& he had the ball
with all the grey lords
including jesse
out of position

redeemed himself
with a solo effort
that resulted
in the ball
over the goal line

and then
that four-three score
seemed to go on

it felt like an hour
between when jason said
twenty minutes to go
and ten minutes to go
and that entire hour
was made up of one rush
after another

it was surreal
as though
it was in dreamtime
where a lot happens
everywhere except
on the scoreboard

brilliant saves and
defensive heroics

amir played defense &
nobody expected that !

i must have been
in a trance

what was in the water ?

the pounding
that red endured
without giving up
another goal
was ridiculous

the ball spent
more time in the
red light district
than a sex tourist
that ball was not
destined to score

les was sensational

the grey lords
were foiled

adam was drenched
and held pointless

a beautiful pass
from evan to ronny
put in an insurance goal
with 5 minutes to go

then amir set up
the other wener
for their sixth
and the lords

the last three minutes
a dreary

three goals down
they had simply
given up

they didn't even bother
pulling their goalie

if you consider that
they were still
only a goal down
with 5 minutes
left to go
it was indeed
another amazingly
close game

but really
someone should
remind them
that the time
to pull your goalie
is when
you are losing
and also that
all year long
three goals down
meant very little to them
so now is not
the time to
their scoring

after the game
the talk in the schvitz
was about how cool
the facilities are
except that
we could use a
frozen "cold-tub"
with the ice all
cracked up
so after getting
freaking hot
in the schvitz
we could jump
into ice water


evan mark mcphail and the weners
gave red the firkin power-ranking tonight

gabe & lepage (blue)
aron & i (black)
grey glen and green joel
completed the firkin line-up

we talked about the
most retarded trades
in NHL history
and coincidentally
the losers were
always the leafs

i wish
there would
always be
NHL playoffs
at the firkin
with heather
as our waitress

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