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Mar 26, 2007

the black
and the white teams
have been eliminated

I love those guys
both the eliminated
and the contenders

and This may be
the very first time
that i am writing
this corner
straight into this blog
without revision
but i am drunk
and hanging out
at glen's place
and i know that
my league will
forgive me
for whatever i write
because that is
the way we deal
with each other

i've got this
strange notion
that my league
will ultimately
accept anything
i write because
they have seen it all

tonight at the firkin
i connected again
with all the
league players and
they all
embody the vibe
that is HOME
for me
in a ball hockey way

my team,
almost every guy
said that they loved
our team
and the joy
that they had
each game

that is victory
that is VICTORY !!

it was like a love-in
for 7 straight guys

losing tonight was
in the stars

it was a right of
passage for me

talking non-stop
about being a
good loser

finally i get to be
a good loser

nothing less

i want to be the
grand old Statesman
for Good Losers

i had an amazing year

i love my team
and my league
and i can lose
with dignity

i have no problem
with that

i want to be
a good loser

we are an amazing bunch

we care about winning
and yet
the bigger picture
always seems to slip in

now the black and
white teams
are the ones
betting on the others

what are the odds
of green taking it?
or red ?

its crazy
but i really enjoy
being on the sideline
watching it all

green is solid on defense

don't underestimate them
just because they don't
have a flashy scorer

red is volatile
and can implode
as easily
as explode

and grey is immature
but has
crazy scoring
that usually
makes up for it

blue is steady
and cautious
and if anyone thinks
that they can win
on flash
then blue will
humble them

that is the latest
on the betting spiel

sure i believed that
The Experience
would take the cake
but that is because
i've been living
in a dream world

i Never thought that
i would win
but Destiny
did it's thing
and i went along
for the ride

isn't life
a bit of a gamble
with surprises
at every corner ?

my teammates
listened tonight
at the firkin
(which was packed with us..)
and heard me joyously
rejoice in OUR LOSS

they thought that i
might even have
brought them down
in a great
humility experiment
that i needed
to tell you the truth
i thought that
we were going to win

not rationally
but intuitively
i just thought
that black
was going to the finals

carolyn my girlfriend
has been to my games
over the last 5 years
and my team never lost
when she was there

that's a strange statistic
considering that
she only shows up
for do-or-die games

but tonight we had a
and she had a radio show
on AM 1610
every second monday night
"sex is healthy and
health is sexy"
but she couldn't make it
because of her radio show
and i needed to be
big enough to lose
and i needed to do that
i may be drunk but
i really feel that
it was a bigger lesson
for me to lose
than to win
and althought my teammates
might not appreciate the
poetry of it
maybe in time
they will

losing is an art

to do your best
and lose is glorious


because the other team
figured you out
and that is the lesson.

in the last five minutes
we had numerous chances

Les robbed us SEVERAL times
mind you JESSE
robbed gangrene too
several time
but anyways...

looking back soberly
(just a figure of speech)
gangrene was destined to win

that is how karma works

What happens... is karma
and that was My karma

i guess i'm a taoist
who can't complain
about reality

Reality is Awesome
and i love you all
for making me face it

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