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Mar 19, 2007

From the moment
I woke this morning
I’ve been thinking
non-stop about
the games tonight

Where did the season go?
Man that was fast.

I’m sure all four teams
are also thinking about
their chances tonight.

What will they do
that might make
the difference.

The Playoff vibe
has been in the air
for a couple of weeks

Especially in the final game
in which red and grey
fought for the bye

I’m sure we all wish
that this season
could go on
for another year
but today is the
end of the road
for two of our
wonderful teams.

Good sportsmanship
is still the order
of the day and
Jason declared
once again
that he will call
conduct penalties
to keep the lid on

The quest for
personal stats
became an issue again
for those
in that race.

Last year
Mike Tanner was first
all year long
and then lost it
on the last day
when Adam had
a blockbuster evening.

This year Manny
nearly caught up
with Davey Lantz.

Puya was counting
Manny’s points
and thought that
he had two more
but even with
those two
Manny still
ends up in
second place.

Congrats to Davey
who is finally
playing at his best

And Congrats to Manny
who continues to
top all expectations.

The entire line of
took the 2nd 3rd and 4th spot.

You guys better
win it this year
because no commissioner
will let those three
stay on the same team

Amir Aron and Mark
are also familiar names
in the top ten list.

White Trash and
the Red Light District
start the evening off
and now that Marshall
and Patty are back
the district better be
ready for a serious match.

Trash has so much
talent on paper but
right about now
would be a great time
for them to gel.

That’s what it
will be about tonight.
Who is gelling
and who isn’t.

There will be
great solo efforts
as well but
the teams that win
will be the ones
that are
totally in sync.

Trying to
shut down
Amir or Gregus
only helps if they
don’t set someone
else up with a
perfect pass.

I’m sure
there will be
a lot of players
out just
to watch the games.

It promises to be
an amazing night
of extremely intense
awesome ball hockey.

Game Two will be
The Experience
versus gangrene.

I’ve had an amazing year
with the experience.
The vibe is electric.

Gangrene has
an amazing line-up
with the Tall Pauls
and high Rez leading
their scoring
and Lessem
anchoring their defense.

Hopefully Nolan and Dom
will surface tonight.

Joel Lessem has been
calling them but
for some unknown reason
they are not coming out.

Without a doubt
The Experience will have
all seven players
out there
because that is how
we plan to win.

I love
all the teams.
Each one
is full of my friends
and although
it’s a bit of
a paradox
that my friends
are my opponents,
I wouldn’t have it
any other way.

It’s the
perfect community
in which to
cultivate sportsmanship
and the ultimate climate
for safe
yet amazing games.

Tonight the players
facing elimination
bring with them
their fragile
“hoser’s dreams”
but in advance
I want to declare that
We Are All Winners
for participating
to our fullest
in the best
ball hockey league
in this
magnifiscent country !

Win or loose
lets have the
time of our life.

It's past 2:30.
Time to go eat pasta.

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