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Feb 5, 2007

davey lantz had a great week

the captain of the baby'z
bagged 4 points to stay
on top of the scoring race
and had a baby daughter as well

keshet sarit was born
a week before valentine's day
and although it doesn't show up
in the stats we are proud of
davey and his family

the dream of the floor hockey player
slides and shuffles through
all aspects of life and
parenthood is somewhere close
to the ultimate

that and
scoring the championship goal

oh what a feeling...

baby slips into the world
into the hands of loving father
and the boys start
banging their sticks on the bench

jason blows the whistle
and points towards centre ice

amir makes some off colour comment
about the mid-wife and
we all shake hands afterwards

the baby'z have lived
up to their name this week

now we are all wondering
where is dom and has he
fallen off like a limb
with gang green

we miss you dom
mr. fit and friendly
and always plays fair

great attitude
don't be a stranger

now i know this is
a little off the mark but
who is a better deeker...
davey lantz or gregus ?

that was one of the firkin
topics of the week
last week

and surprisingly
a lot of people said
davey is the best deeker
because he can hold off
until the goalie commits


"the twin pillars of paul"
can only mean
those mutants of gang green
that make normal guys
feel like midgets

the week before
aron said
that finally
he is a believer
when it comes to reznick

until then
he thought that jordan
was getting more hype
than he deserved
but that week
jordan scored 5 times
to lead his team
to a 10-9 victory
over the lords

JR used an old trick of mine
which was to
bring your girlfriend/wife
to raise the stakes

last week high rez
did it again and
without g/w
to lead his gang
with a hat-trick
to win against
the full trash team
6 to 4

i played goal
and it was

super solid performance
from lederer
and patrick
who scored twice
and did his marathon style
until he fell
from calf strain

be careful dudes

lev and puya are out
from non-contact
leg strain injuries

pace yourselves and
never get too tired

i say that as black
prepares for a game tonight
against the speedy trash
knowing that we will have
only four players

lots of players think
5 is ideal
some say 6
and there are some
who like 4

i am excited
about tonight's
trial by fire
i prefer 5 or 6

the trashy offense
is not gelling yet

maybe tonight
is the right environment
for them
to start clicking

we all obviously have
massive expectations
for the line of
marshall harris and kanter


total nail-biter
classic goalie match-up
(ie. lars vs. zuker)
tied at the half 3-3
tied at the end 6-6

two of the most intense teams

the district without telpner
and a
youri and lev-less lords

anyone's game
down to the last whistle

awesome pass
by gadzinski to glen
kept the lords
in the game

red plays like a different team
when they have gregus

they should have one name
for when they have mark
and one for when they don't

went at it
for the late game

the experience was
without its fearless leader
the baby'z were missing puya

chris is in las vegas tonight
playing ball hockey with
on the withrow team with
paul russell and mike tanner

we wish you canucks well

so back to the black

with 6 players i asked aron
to pt together two lines
so being
the blatant segregationists
he proposed we have
one jew line and one goy line

aron, roy, and sander
worked like magic
setting up awesome
three way jewish plays

ladies and gents
we may have just witnessed
the beginning of
one of the most
illustrious lines
in JCC history
affectionately known as
"the jew line"

barker and i
always find oursleves
on the same line
but we had one major
unexpected problem

dan black
is not a goy
but that didn't
stop the experience
from holding onto
an extremely slim
one goal lead


each week
there is a debate
whether or not
we return
to the firkin

we have been going there
for over a decade
and thus far
we have not found
the firk-busting bar
so old habits prevail

what a relief
to have our "old"
20 year old waitress heather
is sweet
is present
gives us all our own bills
at the end of the night
and brings us drinks
and food
on time
is a pleasure to behold

has become an issue
in these jason-less daze

with our
"players as refs" situation
there were even more
controversial calls
but those are still
few and far between

black was playing a game
a couple of weeks ago
against a team who scored
an illegal goal

the ball was batted in
by a players' hand
and everyone saw it
but jason
whose view was blocked

it happens all the time

the ref didn't see it

the player who scored
had no obligation to fess up
and told us that
he wasn't going to argue
against his team's goal

and i was fine with that because
that is the law of ref-land
whether its the JCC or the NHL
reality is always assessed
thru the eyes of the ref

the only difference
is that in the NHL
you can take it upstairs
to check the slow-motion replay
so really
we are playing by the rules
of the NHL before video replays

i have no problems with ref-land

sometimes its a break for you
and sometimes its against you

it all works out

if it was always my goal
being disallowed
then maybe i'd start
getting suspicious

the trick is
not to let a mistaken call
get you off your game

easier said than done
all the best things are

so there is an hour to go
before the first game
which i will be reffing

hope you all
read the last paragraph
not give me
such a hard time tonight

congrats to keshet
and all the lantzes

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