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Dec 27, 2006 (wed pick-up)

A belated
Merry Christmas &
Happy Channucah
to You All

the parity saga
took another turn
as Mike Tanner
the franchise player
of the league
announced he is out
for the season

I remember playing goal
for Mike Tanner’s team
the first year I joined
about a decade ago
when we didn’t have
grey hair and children
and when I could let in
a half dozen goals with
the knowledge that
the game was never lost
as long as Tanner was
still excited about it

Mike and Patrick and I
made a pact to
continue playing until
we have our kids
playing with us on our teams

although Mike is out
for the season
he plans to be back
stronger than ever and
his son Flynn is the fastest
9 year old in the city (literally)
so the Tanner’s are going
to be an incredible duo

the Reps and Captains
got together with the committee
after our last games and this
is what they had to say

Harris (white) as captain
of Tanner’s old team
started the ball rolling with
the suggestion that white
could use any of Grey’s
top four players.

Adam (grey) responded that
white obviously needs
a new very strong player
and grey can accept losing
Marshall but in return
grey needs more than
a weak player in return

Amir (red) asked
whether this meeting was
an attempt to balance
other teams or just to
balance grey and white

Paul (blue) remarked that
grey has to deal with
having a weaker defense
since they currently have
the strongest offense
in the league.
A three-way deal
may be a better solution.

Chambers (black) suggested
that Marshall should stay
with grey who should
trade off one of their
top scorers such as Manny

Adam adamantly said no

Amir said that red needs
offense as much as
grey needs defense.
A one to one trade
between grey and white
would ignore red’s needs.
Red’s franchise player
is having surgery and
can’t be expected to
play as well during
his recovery

Paul (blue) remarked
that while blue was on
a seven game winning streak
none of the games
were blow-outs,
just one goal wins
suggesting that his team
is well balanced and
not as strong as the
recent stats would suggest

Chris felt that
in spite of black’s
lousy recent stats
the team is fine
to stay together
and will inevitably
win the championship !

Harris said that
since he was there
when the teams
were originally made
and then again
for the first parity trade
he understands the system
that was used and
in that system
tanner was ranked #1
in the league and
that not even Marshall
is sufficient compensation.

Adam may be more
appropriate in exchange
for one of white’s rookies

Jordan (green) said that
Blue Green and Red
are on par and that
white needs help

Amir thinks that
there are 4 teams
that lack balance
and they are Black
Grey Red and White

At this point
in the meeting
suggestions were asked
from the captains
as to what trades
would help balance
the parity issues
in the league

Adam proposed
Marshall to white
Glen to blue
Alan to grey

Amir thought
green and blue
are also too strong
& Dean should go
to white or grey

Paul suggested
Marshall to white
Dean to grey
and a white rookie to green

Resnick didn’t want
to lose Dean &
liked Adam’s suggestion

Amir thought this new
grey – green suggestion
was ridiculous and that
the league needs at least
a three-way plus a one-way trade
to deal with all the parity issues.

weaken blue, strengthen Red
and strengthen White twice !
with two separate players
because tanner isn’t
comparable with any other
single player

Harris thought that
it's counter-productive
to trade glen off white

Amir had a philosophy
that relates to balance
and he didn’t think
it was balanced to
always discuss dropping
the weakest
or the strongest

Paul thought it was proper
to switch new players who
have less ties & signority

Amir declared that Parity
is more important than
individual player wishes
and thus the committee
should decide and a
no trade clause is bullshit !


That was the end
of the meeting

Then Ron and Joel and I
went off to the side
to decide that
although often its easy
to rush into a voting frenzy
tonight was not that night
and that eventually perhaps
the three committee members
would vote for something
that they keenly hope to achieve

Parity is a critical feature
of our league that
makes each game
more enjoyable for
each and all

but to be considering this
as late as channucah/christmas time
is unusual.

But then losing Tanner
is thankfully unusual

The stellar grey line
has been wracking up stats
like chimpmunks in the fall

We are all hoping that
gregus’ eyes are recovering naturally

It’s a hard question to predict
who will win the championship

We know that everyone
makes it into the playoffs
after which you can lose
by one or 2 game eliminations

Parity for the season
means building 6 strong teams
that all can win
those important games
or whichever game
on any given night

That makes each night
a mystery

Gotta go
it’s WednesDAY-night
5:45 p.m.
and time to drive to
the jcc gym to play
some pick-up hockey

great exercise in a
less team-conscious

after which
I will be meeting
with ron and joel

see you tonight

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