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Nov 27,2006

Alright now “Juranka’s Corner”
is back on the air.

Last week’s games were interesting
because they were the basis
of the trades that followed

Green had an uncharacteristically
weak performance against blue
with Nolan scoring the only goal
on a team that averages
over 5 goals a game

With this 2-1 victory
the captains assumed that
blue doesn’t need more offense
and the 5 stars on green
could stay where they are

On the other hand
white out-played
a Gregus-less red
black featured a hat-trick
from their brand new recruit Marshall
who at 50 is my new role model

Marshall Beyer now
leads the league
in points per game

but it was a bad day to be a winner

If Marshall’s three goals
would have been gray’s
(which is his new team)
then black would have posted
its fifth loss of the season
tying gray in the cellar

In fact Black has been
defeated by every team
except Gray but
at the end of this game day
it appeared as though
black and white
were powerhouse teams

What a difference a day makes

Gray proposed a plan
to draft Marshall and
let green keep its 5 stars
so the “Great Gray-Green”
or “3GR” parity plan
had instant momentum

Blue needed to trade some
defense for offense… didn’t happen.

Blue backed the 3GR plan
and all that was required
for it to become a majority
was a half nod from red

three and a half to two and a half
meant that the Great Gray-Green
parity plan had a 58% majority

green and gray are now clearly
the teams to beat

both feature 5 stars
instead of 4 but as
it is true that these extra stars
need to go somewhere then
why not green and gray ?

Now that Both Joel and Jamie
have been satiated and
we can all enjoy a civilized
locker room environment !

and since the trades are over
we can all relax
into our roster
and watch the
incredible phenomenon
called gelling

I’m glad that the black team
got Dan Black from green
because he obviously belongs there
now if he was Dan Greenstein
then that would be weird

Jason the ref is adding new light
To an issue that has always been murky

Until now if a ball went
between the bench and the wall
it would count as though
it had simply gone out-of-bounds
just as though
it went over the bench

I’ve seen teams purposely leave
Their benches slightly away from the wall
Because it would result in a turn-over
That benefited them on defense.

Jason has gotten rid of this incentive
By calling the two out-of-bounds differently

If it goes over the bench then the ball
Changes possession (as before)
But if it goes beside the bench
Then it doesn’t change possession
And is returned to the team that shot it

Before you think about
trying to use this new rule
to stop the play
while keeping possession
remember that purposely
putting the ball out of bounds
is a two minute
delay of game penalty

So in the end this rule
will encourage teams
to keep the benches
up against the walls
on their end

Amir has 12 goals
to lead the league in scoring
Harris has 12 assists
to lead in that department
and Manny the eagle
is soaring high with
league’s highest points

Evan stepped in as goalie
last week and posted the year's
first shut-out.

I can feel another great year coming on

It will be full of surprises

The rookies are exceptional
and the vets are better too !

The most important thing
that you can bring to these games
is good-natured exuberance
and love of the sport

And the best thing
you can get from it
is to have inexplicable levels
of shear FUN

I hope we all
have a joyful season
regardless of who wins

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