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Mar 13, 2006

It was the last full moon
of the season in limbo
and the air was very clear

The 13th this month and the
the valentine's day 14th
last month.

Month after month
the moon ushers in the tides
and cause the
collective coastlines
of our consciousness to PMS

The yuppies with kids
were up north mostly
and thus the Greyhounds
registered this year's
first default

this is the first default
i've ever seen or even
ever imagined

the signs were in the air
for sure this week

spring around the corner

such a tight race

the playoffs have
already begun

tim took a
bad knee twist
and could be out

almost any of 4 teams
can still win first place

the playoffs have begun

a couple of the usual upsets
and any team will win
the championship

so close
to the end
of the year
I'm getting nostalgic

who will be my vote
for the ed award

Hoping that red brings
our favourite cheerleaders
to the banquet

some crazy finish
like vinnie's
overtime goal
last year

The full moon
buzzing my brain
as it did
on valentine's day

a sample of nature's love
as planets keep time

with orbits like those
who needs digital ?

any pagan will tell you
that nature's clock
still holds the key &
the men still
really don't know
what the
little girls understand

waiting for the pass
believing that positional play
is key

or receiving a pass and
believing that calming
down the bouncing ball
or attempting a one timer

as though its really
in our hands

at ourselves for
balls mishandled

to follow
the natural flow
of each play
in the eternal
river of bouncing balls

a gym floor
and a gym clock
a limited
time-space continuum

radiant prisms of possibility

team orange
wins the championship

a double hat-trick
for a medium star
like what happened
to amir
who trash-talked
to his buddies
after the game

there is a contract
between young, old friends
that goes like this:
"since I am your old friend
and since we are younger
and tougher than the old guys
and can handle anything
we trash talk each other
and its okay"

its like the play-fighting
of lion cubs

it's a liberty
that is extended between
young old friends
which is a bad example
to the league at large

amir owes an apology for gloating
but his friends will handle it
of course
how they normally do and
it won't infect the league

this is the last week
in Toronto
for our acrobatic veteran
goalie John Sihnur

it was a blast
as well as
a blast from the past
to see you back in net

hopefully Brendan
and Leslie
are ready to jump
into the fray
for the playoffs

the rest of the week
for me will be solid
snowboarding cuz i'm
just another
yuppy with kids

the herb
the fresh air
the chairlift
my two superskier boys
by my sides

both of them
love the challenge
of vertigo, the only
double black diamond
shear vertical drop
of a hill in
the entire resort

even the five year old
is lightening fast and
out of control but
never falling

nature protects
those with a low
centre of gravity

hope you all
have a joyous week

full of fun and maybe
some wonderful
personal natural

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