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Feb 27, 2006

i wandered empty streets down
past the shop displays
i heard the whiffle ball and the
pounding of a break-away
as i walked on...

wondering if jimi hendrix
could have played hockey &
would he have
set his hockey stick on fire ?

and why hasn't anyone
ever done that ?

does hockey lack
the passion ?
the unbridled bliss ?
the showmanship ?
the gasoline ?

is there a sign that says
"the art stops here"

no there isn't so
next week
i'm bringing the gas !

we are in our final month
of regular season play

all but one team can
end up in first place

the only thing more
that we could have done
for the sake of parity
was to do less

grey certainly didn't need the boost
(maybe dave to orange ?)

with jamie's angels
you'd think that
the red army
will be marching
into berlin again

jamie the rockstar
who is living
now more than ever
living the hoser's dream
in the middle
of the top ten pack
going gym crazy
all summer
and the army
back to old form

totally the hoser's dream
for the slash on andrea

her fingers were black and blue
and that's not typical of our league

i was hoping that alex wouldn't think
that this league was too rough for women
feel it, mean it,
say sorry

hacking is becoming
a perenial problem

lets send healing energy
to andrea's fingers
and mean it

and what makes it worse
is that we don't have
a great standard solution for it

we all have our own substitutes

aron uses lacrosse gloves,
glen and jeff wener use ski mits,
paul lepage uses gardening gloves,
but padding plus ventilation
are crucial

but never fear

only in a league
from a country
that thinks it owns hockey
do we
even contemplate
these cutting edge

the trick is to get us more protection
without going into that
increased accidental violence
that gets players
to take greater liberties
when they know
you've got protection

but being
on the cutting edge
we figure
we want a wonderful cheap and effective
hand protection solution
with josh catching the hacks

which he can't always see
so ideally it would be like fencing
with a light going off automatically
when an opposition player hacked you
but until the high tech department
catches up
we should share ideas
about finding sources for
local glove solutions

and obviously be more super careful
with fingers because there are
a lot of little tiny bones in there
beautiful friendly and healthy people
want to use the next day

which is why

starting with love for andrea's fingers
i wish we could have
a woman on every team
because this olympics
is helping to humble
the canadian male athelete
with respect to gender
and how wonderful it would it be
if emily and alex joined
and jamie was on alex's team

he could be both inspired
and kept in line

the ultimate hoser's dream !

we are more evolved
when we are
not an all-male league

us old guys have witnessed it

the presence of women
on our teams makes is a more
level-headed not over-heated game

the young guys
invite beautiful women
to inspire and to be their fans
and since they are hot-headed
they can't see what could be
the matter with that

the old guys thrive on competition too
but revere a safe league and
with both sexes respected

parity can always be accomplished

this year is an amazing example of this

so why not be guided by inspiration ?
the pylons remember the joy of
playing alongside Carrie

the whole experience became a party

the best year was when Lianne, Lori, Carrie, and
Andrea meant a woman on almost every team

well now its in the dubious balance again
resting precariously on andrea's fingers

and thats why starting with me
we all wish you well andrea

may your fingers get well soon

and emily and alex
trust me or ask andrea

she doesn't get injured that often

hacking is always accidental

only a poor sport would resort
to violence and thankfully
we are amazingly level-headed

ironically we owe a lot of that
to the women
who have tamed our league

love and joy and see you monday

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