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Juranka's Corner

Jan 23, 2006

i've started to work out
at the jcc gym and
it changes your life
and it probably
changes your game

on the flip side there is
big slick's steve lederer
whose game has
skyrocketed into
without him
going to a gym

he still looks the same
but now he scores
short-handed on a
3 to 1 penalty kill

alright back to the gym

i've got this warm
fuzzy self-righteous feeling
when i've alloted time
for working out and
i'm on my way
to the gym

i'm not scared
i won't lift anything
that will hurt me

i'm not embarrassed
that others are stronger
or faster or taller or hairier

i am pious
like i'm going to
a place of worship

the mirrors on the walls
let you watch
as your muscles
work and strengthen

its amazing to see
its a meditation

it turns the room
into the temple of flex
a temple of the body
a temple of work

if you could see what
your brain looks like
when its working hard

if it changed
shape or colour
and there was a mirror

then you could
see when it was at full tilt
and feel the bliss
of cranking your brain
to its maximum flex

but we can't

your attitude drives you
in either direction

feeling strong
gets more
out of you than
feeling weak

the mirrors
help you develop
positive attitude

they strengthen the
relationship you have
with your muscles

you are the foreman
the workmen work

you see their effort
you feel their pain
and over time
you see them grow

i love to crank up
the running machine
so that i get
into a sweat
soon after i arrive

the sweat is a trophy
its a badge of honour

its your membership
to the intensity

and it helps you
keep the hair
out of your eyes

last week dean was there

i'm hoping that everyone
in our league
joins the gym

i never thought
i'd be saying this
because a long while back
i thought of lifting weights
as something you did
if you couldn't play sports

it was a workout
for non-athletes

then as i began to
fancy myself as an artist
i felt that lifting weights
was for non-artists

now i recognize
the art and sport of
personal training

it makes you
a sculptor
of your own body

it makes you
the franchise player
in your own personal
workout game

if you are not
steve lederer than
you just might
need it to improve
your game

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