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Jan 9,2005 (plus all-star game)

and may we all have fun,
get in shape, learn a lot,
grow spiritually, make
better passes, love our game,
groove on anissa's sweetness,
have close games, hang with
friends after the game, love
life and have great love lives

last monday's games had
the universe of possibilites
reduced to the finality of
reality which contains
all perspectives simultaneously.

but before the highlites of
monday's year opener
i want to mention a thing
about all-star night

for those of us who played
every single game, it
was a marathon with
many players going
for over 3 hours straight

serious cardio-workout

One super-stacked team
boggled the jcc collective
consciousness concept
of super team with the line-up of
chamberlain, slippicoff, tanner,
jeff wener, hornsby, harris

team two was cinderella
from the beginning

and we were
jamie sarner,tom, mcphail,
lorne lantz, ron & alan silverman,

and you'd best believe that
we felt like cinderella

alan andrew and i weren't picked
for this grand event
but we were in the all-star game
none the lest so with great fear
we started out and
the start was
a complete blow-out

the super-stars loved it
what an eggo boost
too easy
made them start feeling guilty
so they started taking it easy
and it became close
artificially... at first

as team cinderella was being humoured
our self-esteem got a mini-endorphin-hit
and we started playing
like we were well-matched

and the all-stars
began to realise that
they suddenly had
major competition.

it was fun

Ron's "all-star busters" team
played the final game.
Actually we had earned permission
by winning the pre-all-star competition.
We were actually the
official cinderella team.
We had Steve Letterer
who was just as fantastic
as he would be this past monday night
and the busters game was decided
by only one goal

alright that was two weeks ago
on wi†h monday's year openers

it was the first time that every team
had six players

i did the stats earlier today and
have to report that
the goalie stats are screwed up
for david as a result of technical difficulties

mi†ch can you add Les and Brendan
to the goalie selection drop-down menu

mitch scored twice in the season openner
while the grey men seemed to figure out
the awesome dogs

This year's opener was

grey without ron
(still hung over
from new years) and
the army was without
manny "the eagle"
who watched from the rafters

during the first half
the men in grey
were relentless
scoring 7 times on Les
the new hungarian goalie

i missed the game but
from the stats i gathered that
both grey lines
were super-productive

the withrow line of
tanner kanter and russell
opened the scoring and
put in two more while
the officially designated
"non-withrow line"
scored 4 goals

with their two
all-star defensemen
the grey brigade
(protecting aron
between the pipes)
held the army with all
its power-forward dogs
to only two goals

by the time the dust settled
at half-time the army was
five goals down

the second half was close
but the damage was done

this was the first game
(to my recollection)
in which 6 penalties
were handed out

four to the army

final score
M.I.Grey 11
Red Army 5

hat tricks for lev and tanner
two goals for "top dog" papa wexler

GAME TWO of 2006
and #28 for the season
was an amazing match between

SLICK was without Jeff and
FROMAGE was without Lessem

this was the first time we saw
the fantastic acrobatics of goalie
Brendan "Bobby Baun" Rockstar

BIG SLICK lived up to its name tonight
Never had I seen them play
Bigger or Slicker and without
a doubt their secret was in the
incredible hustle of roy and steve

they took the game away from FROMAGE
and it showed up in the stats
Roy had 2 goals and a cherry
Steve had 2 goals and two bananas

for FROMAGE, their problem
in the words of sage Paul Lepage
was their "lousy defense"

it was unusual to watch GRANDE
playing catch-up hockey all game
and i doubt i'll get to see that very often
in the coming months

i saw a goal go in and
since i was the only player
saw it and was not slick
i was consulted at the half
by josh
and the goal was given
to fromage



the lantz brothers
are legendary and with richard
they are a dedicated scoring machine

black without high rez
and orange without
fashion guru shalinsky
brought into existence
the first time in my recollection
(completely faulty as it is) that
EVERY team had 6 players

we all got to feel what the
6 player, two lines scenerio
would be like

it sure does help with
switching off the guys
who'd love to play a
shift and a half every time

chris opened the scoring
with a fancy give and go
that had him tipping in a
perfect pass from amir
within 5 seconds of the
opening face-off

chris went straight to the bench
for a substitution after that
because it felt too easy and
he didn't want to jinx the team

the dark side took a one goal lead
into the second half

at some point black was four goals up
and like a spoiled kid
we squandered it in an instant

large leads sometimes
create mega-explosive reactions
in teams that have the depth
to believe that they'll rebound

from my deranged experience
winning the championship with the
lantz brothers and dan
who still wear orange
dave has unbelieveable confidence
when his team is 4 or 5 goals behind.

when i was questioning if it was
physically possible climb back
from a 5 goal deficit
he insisted that we were going to do it
and that was the game that
turned the tide in the championship
so orange kept coming back

with only 18 seconds left to go
and only one goal behind
the orange marauders pulled their goalie
and were peppering Les
who saved us a dozen times
in the space of three minutes

and then the magic moment
of glen's career happened

after blocking a shot and while
falling to the ground he wacked the ball
and it sailed (slowly) towards the
empty orange goal

it was soooo close that the official
Vegas odds were 50-50 until the
moment it actually slid into the net

amir had one more empty net goal
before the 18 seconds were over
to complete his double hat-trick and
his career-high game

it ended 11-8 but with
two empty netter in the last 18 seconds
it was
anyone's game until (almost) the end

amir had the game of his life
6 goals and 3 assists

he was a total markmen
his shot to goal ratio was unbeleievable
he never missed the net

this game was intense

richard had a hat-trick
davie lantz with 2 goals 3 pineapples
the firkin was well attended

he all agreed that heather
is absolutely beautiful

i'm writing this in my car
with my laptop plugged into the lighter
in front of my favorite cafe
in kensington market
i'm checking the video
i made at the firkin
confirming that
aron les and brendan
make it 100% goalie attendance

paul,mark from fromage
and slick aron

chris amir glen and i
from the dark side
in second place

awesome evening
love you all

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