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Juranka's Corner

Sept 26, 2005

it was the evening
of the underdogs

special unpredictable
team chemistry
is ruling the day

some teams are already
starting to gel
that gel list includes
TEAM E and the F-men

i had made the mistake of
not-checking which game
i was playing in and assuming
that i'd just arrive on time

but then a phone call from aron
let me know that the
cha-cha was playing
and i was nowhere near
the dance floor

glen played with chambers and chamberlain
for two-thirds of the match
without any substitutions

cha-cha was up 6 to 2 when i arrived
and that's when the
Marrus Marauders
began packing them in

two more by adam from manny
and the score was 6-4
but the cha-cha combination
would set a crazy precedent this evening

chamberlain scored 8 times,
& assisted on chris' goal

chambers scored once and assisted
on five of steve's goals

cha-cha has officially become
"a force to reckon with"
and its still early in the season

last year chris told the zeppelins
that steve would finish the scoring race
in first place

this year he is the one making it happen

adam had a hat-trick and
jamie scored their other goal

i missed most of the game
yet even my ten short minutes felt

it's an amazing feeling to know
that i'm not needed
that my team is an engine
that runs effectively without me
now i can just goof off

Lessems Legion of Doom team
seems to be stacked
with all the 6 foot plus
players in the league

if we were playing full contact
against them then i'd quit

the Legion held their ground early
Joel from Sanjay
and Dan from Robert Sarner and Kitch
meant it was a 1-all tie at the half

then Gabe sprained his ankle
and the Legion was doomed

team E revved it up like
they had all taken "E"

the gap widened steadily

two Dean goals couldn't
stop the rave party
which ended with each member
of the E crew scoring at least once
(Sander scored twice)

its true that Lessem's Legion
was Gregus-less
but the ultimate truth was
that the Ecstacy Bunch
were peaking early

Robert Sarner may have
one of the best shots in the league

McPhail was awesome too

What a party

The third upset of the evening
saw Andrea's F-men
contain Tanner
and demote his A-team

Aron scored twice in his first shift
and both goals were total flukes
but when lady luck smiles at you
then hopefully you can
take advantage of her
(that came out wrong)

the two mikes scored in the first
but it was not nearly enough

the F-men would win 11-4
5 goals, 2 assists for aron
who is currently
leading the league in points
3 goals, 2 assists for both
evan and harris

tonights games all went to the underdogs

now i'm not sure who the real underdogs are

the JCC LOCK-OUT is now in effect
for a month so it may be a good time
to get into shape

i've considered joining other leagues
for the month,
maybe in europe
but probably i'll just
do what mat sundin did
and get fat

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