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Mar 14, 2005


wow, the playoff intensity was there
from the first face-off
until the very last whistle

all four teams sat
at the brink of elimination
and all survivers considered
themselves lucky
to play with their teams again

because of the time-table shifting
the chop's franchise player
davey lantz was on vacation

these two teams played the week before
and in both of these matches
the zeps won by only one goal

had davey been around
the zeps would have surely
been totally smoked

aron opened the scoring
on a powerplay goal
but the choppers responded quickly
with three of their own

the chops took a 3-2 lead into
the second half and their speed
started to pay off adding another 2
one by nolan and another by dan

nothing the zeps did could break the funk
and they stood at a 5-2 deficit
with 15 minutes left in the season

as it became clear that
this may be the last 15 minutes
we decided to play
like it was our last 15 minutes
and gave it all we had

two goals by kitch
another by aron and
the game winner by steve
pulled the zeps out of the abiss
and only in the final dying minutes

its a pity that the choppers
didn't have davey

without a doubt his presence
would have made all the difference

hat-trick by kitch
two goals and an apple for aron
two apples and a goal by richard

zeps were without vinnie
who is tanning in the carribean somewhere

timmy was our coach and

davey was on vacation and
the chops were missing the
ever-smiling hodes

Patrick came back to play
a week earlier to check on
how well his ankle was healing
and it was painful to watch him
limping about like terry fox

actually with his long curly hair
and his limp-jog style he looked
exactly like terry

at that point patty smartly decided
that his season was over
and that he'd be back after
a summer of rehab

all the players from both teams
were in attendance except for patty

the greener pastures (aka sistas
of mercy and the virgin allah)
were full of veterans who were
well accustomed to the intensity
of the playoffs

in the second half
they fought back from a 2 goal deficit
to tie the game in the final 15 seconds

the eminence was in game shape too
with their first 5 goals coming
from five different players
paul, mike, gabe, roy and chris
in that order

with only seconds left to play
and the fans expecting overtime,
mike won the draw
and let go a backhand that
found the bottom right corner

jesse was beaten and the
sistas of mercy were eliminated

both games this evening
were extremely close and
every loose ball was contested

the FIRKIN was packed
when we got there
so 18 of us had to settle for
cramming ourselves into a corner

the goalies were both there
and it would be the last time
we partied with John Sinhur
who will be back to play goal
next fall

most notably
three players from the ronnelly
adam jamie and ron
and three from the mellow bees
amir mike and paul
were at the firk even though
they didn't play that evening

the winners were the goalies with 100% attendance
and runner up was the magnifiscent grey eminence
which (with chris harris mike paul and roy)
were five strong

many in the gang remarked about the
big changes in the bartending staff

its four o'clock now and
the semi-finals are about to begin

time for my pasta

see you all tonight

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