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Juranka's Corner

Feb 7, 2005

Kim Mussen has championed our causes
both as a representative of the JCC
and this year as an employee of the
fitness centre.

This week the fitness centre
terminated her employment.

First of all
on behalf of all the players
we want you to know Kim
that all your efforts
have not gone unnoticed.
So much of the privileges we enjoy
have been because of your generous
tireless efforts.

On a personal note,
we will be sad to see you go
because we loved your company
at the games and the firk.
We hope that you come back to play.
At the very least
i'd love to buy you drinks
at the firkin.

For those members
who don't realise the scope
of Kim's involvement,
just a couple of weeks ago
she was organizing
the purchasing of new trophies
and even offering her home
as the site for the banquet.

When it seemed likely that josh
would have to miss a game she
sent us emails saying that she'd
pitch in by keeping score.

You've been amazing for us Kim
and losing you makes this a very dark hour
for this league.

You will be sorely missed.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

with only three games left in the regular season

the ronnellys must lose them all
for another team to tie or take first place

the ronnellys have been sufferring
but undoubtedly they
will win at least one game
so its a race for second place
with mellow a point ahead
and eminence a point behind
the zeppelin middlemen

this is the time of year
when davie lantz starts to
turn it on like forsberg
coming out of the woodwork
to attempt to grab
his third cup in a row

its a very interesting time of year
because we've all come to know
the style of play of all our team-mates

as the intensity increases
into the playoff season
we can all see quite clearly
who can step it up under pressure
and who steps it up too much
under pressure

emotions can sometimes run wild
during these games but since
josh and everyone is watching out for it
i think we will all be okay

chopper vs. the sistas

davie had guaranteed
the second chopper victory
but he said it in confidence
to aron (who tells me everything)
and i wrote it into last weeks
newsletter before the game

anyway the choppers
took a huge lead right
out of the gate

john sinhur let in a couple of soft ones
but still, the chopper did have
an uncharacteristic confidence
and its the right time of year
for them to be revving up

at the half they were leading 5-2

two goals and an apple by dan
two apples and a goal by cornberg

then it seemed like the
"second period curse"
(for lack of a better expression)
descended on them once more

as soon as the choppers
can win the second half
they will beat everybody

but (in the words of lorne)
they sat back on their lead
and the sistas slowly but surely
made their come-back

the only second half chopper goal
was an unassisted one by davie
and that might still have been enough
if it weren't for a very late goal by evan
from lessem

the sistas have had to do the mad
last minute scramble a number of times
this season and they are good at it

it they would start that level
of intensity 10 minutes earlier
they'd be in second place

it was great to see
the entire chopper team
on the bench

of course the sistas
are still without patty

the choppers didn't win but they tied

did davie jinx himself by telling aron?
or did aron jinx him by telling me?
or did i jinx them by telling everyone ??

yeah it was probably my fault

i've already got a
well-established reputation
in the jinx department

zeps vs. the bees

up until recently
the bees had sole ownership
of second place
which is becoming more important
now that the top two teams
get to avoid the first round
single-game elimination matches

the zeps hadn't lost since november
and we were a tad over-confident perhaps
especially since the last game we had
against the bees, we beat them 10-1

for a moment in time
we were in second place
and the bees weren't

and yeah they were hyped
and for whatever reason,
we sucked...

i heard the bees battle-plan
was to shut-down stevie

it worked
steve had only two assists all game

we were without tim and vinnie
so we couldn't do the two line strategy

man did we miss vinnie's big ass moves

mitty was awesome defensively
getting back into the
"persistent weasel" zone
picking players' pockets and
being relentless (lorne lantz
matt packer and adam
also can play that game where
they sneak up on you and
never let go)

aron got a hat-trick
but the big news
was the amir and mark

mark had an 8 point game
with a hat-trick and 5 apples

amir "the great" had
4 goals and 2 assists
and inspired a forum debate
with his play

he is definitely a contender
for the rookie of the year award

ronnellys vs. eminence

after the game tanner said
his team was "flat" which is
exactly what aron said about
the zeps the game before

the eminence may have simply been flat,
but the zeps clearly sucked

sometimes the team play
has got that magic edge to it

the plays execute perfectly
and it looks easy
and other nights it doesn't

adam was absent along with noah
while the eminence had a full squad

last week i wrote
that if i played goal
in this game i'd be happy
to keep either team
under 5 goals per half
but the during the first period
the ronnellys definitely
had my number

especially silver
who assisted on
jamie's first goal
and then scored the next four

chris scored for the eminence
so it was 5-1
going into the second half

my goal-tending got a little more steady
and both teams scored three each
so the final tally was 8-4 ronnellys

chris had a hat-trick
and tanner had 3 assists

silver had a 7 point evening
with 4 goals and 3 assists

shane had a goal and 3 assists

its scary that the ronnellys
could beat a full eminence squad
without adam and noah
but then again the eminence
tied the ronnelly's full squad
in january

so maybe the eminence
was just a bit flat

although i haven't been reporting
on the firkin power-rankings
i have taken photos and videos every night
so in the next newsletter
i'll make sure we are totally up-to-date
on that crucial statistic

its past 6 pm
so i have to go
to the JCC
for another sweet
monday night !

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