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Jan 27, 2003

Brown Sugar is no longer the team
we all feel sorry for

Just as playoff fever looms
around the corner these guys
are switching up to high gear
and they know it. Adam and Lessem
walked into the Firkin beaming with
new-found confidence. What a change
from last week.

They are the team to watch
and not underestimate in the future.
They were ahead of the ol boyz 7-1
at one point in the game. But that wasn't
going to spoil the Boyz post-game party.
They changed their name from the
"Good Old Boys" to simply the "Old Boys"
and drank off their sorrow and misery.

Sugar is stacked with combustible fuel.
Gerald and Jon are working hard,
Cornberg is super D,
with Silver on the sidelines no one
is passing like Jamie,
Adam is poetry in motion,
and if the slapshot rule hasn't
hurt Joel more than anyone...
i've never even seen Lessem's
wristshot. With the slapshot rule
we may never see Lessem
racking up the numbers he did
in the past. Which reminds me Joel,
we need to post the rosters,
final standings and player stats
from past years.

you better not have thrown them out.

The Pylons are aiming at having the
most ties of any team this year.
It's our speciality. Wicked games
and a huge outpouring of emotion
from both teams bonding through equality.
Loren and Hooman were both at the
top of their games. No freebies.
Ron tied it up for us with a beautiful
shot from the slot. Hate to think
what could've happened if Silver was there.

The rumour mill is starting to churn
around Jeff Silver's injury.
We all need to know from you Jeff,
how bad is your injury and when
do you (and your doc) think you can return ?

The Firkin was amazing again.

Pylons minus Shiney,
Boyz minus Shane Eric
and Sugar minus Gerald, Evan, Cornberg and Jon
Gabe stayed till the bitter end and Andrea made a
cameo appearance.
Karen Bender was there for a few minutes.
Stay a bit longer next time. It was great to see you again.

Larry's photo gallery will be up soon and it is a masterpiece
of coding. All sizes of digital photos will be available for
downloading from email size to printing size.
There is room for comments and it could turn
out to be really interesting.

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