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Nov 15, 2004

the last time the argos won
i stood in the intersection
at gerrard and yonge and
yelled for four hours and
gave a thousand high fives and
this time i watched the whole game
oddly enough, at the marriott at
gerrard and yonge but afterwards
when i went out to join the celebration
there wasn't any

my two friends and i were the only ones
and people thought we were crazy

twillight zone: toronto won the grey cup
and nobody cared...

okay maybe everyone will go to the parade

anyway this is a hockey town
so why even mention football

davey was back
the goalies got new blockers and
trudeau better beat don cherry as the greatest canuck
or i'm going to hide under a rug somewhere

the santa clause parade was 100 years old yesterday
i hope someone showed up for that one

alright, the FIRST GAME
and the zeps are still jonesing after
two consecutive blow-outs

zeps take an early lead
vinnie from kitch, not pretty but
its nice to be the lead for a change

thats what i thought during the grey cup game
but since the argos lost it so many times
it didn't really feel like a lead until the last minute

kitch would be in on every goal but one for the zeps
and jeff would likewise for the pastures
five point nights for those two

the zeps take a 3-2 lead into the half
another goal by vinnie from kitch
to open the second half and we lead by two
more or less for the entire half until
the last minute

two goals batted out of the air
and it ends up as a tie
but it feels a little like a loss
but definitely not a blow-out so
the zeps are on their way to...
so we go celebrate like crazy

jordan resnick had three points
and provides the offensive spark
that green has been looking for

so, although the zeps tied
it somehow seems greener
on the other side


the rebels had a full posse
and eminence was without chris

when the second tier players step up
its hard to stop any team and especially
one as strong as the rebels

as though it wasn't weird enough
that sander was their highest scorer this game
as though that wasn't the weird part
here is the clincher

puya, zero goals and THREE ASSISTS

when puya starts passing
it totally disorients the other team

even the goalies aren't prepared for that

shalinsky from puya was the game winner
tanner was held scoreless with both eminence goals
by Tall Paul

ORANGE COUNTY choppers vs. the dreaded RONNELLYS

i missed this game because
my son Mickey needed a family tree
with photos for school the next morning

but of course the big news was the return
of the choppers franchise player who
actually only scored once
but managed to get
7 minutes of penalties

3 games like this and
davey comes up for automatic review

at that point CSIS is called in to assess
the situation, his contacts, his shady past...

richard was also playing and
although they didn't beat the
undefeated RONNELLYS
they avoided the blow-out
we all feared from the
scary halloween orange-black combination

silver had a hat-trick and
marrus got their other two

and tonight the zeps will have to kick their butts
without our speedy steve

thanks for the firkin stats
courtesy of sander and tim

goalies- Jesse Larry (100% attendance, again)
choppers- davey
rebels- paul, sander
ronnellys- adam, ron, lev
pastures- jeff, joel, andrew
eminence- gabe, mike, harris, roy
and again in first place
blowing away the firkin competition
with or without me, the
red zeps- mitch tim vinnie steve aron

see you in less than a half an hour
i guess i'm really letting the deadline slip
til the last possible moment

go Argos

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