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Nov 1, 2004

The meeting with the Captains before the game
was interesting. Whenever trades are discussed
everyone involved has to make a subjective assessment
about talent and chemistry and this year Lessem came
to the table with a laptop and a new rating system.

the commissioners listened while each captain, one by one,
gave their impression of the leagues' parity issues
and indicated what their team needed

Black & Yellow should be weakened and
Orange & Green should be strengthened
were the final (and predictable) conclusions
and numerous trade alternatives were suggested.

Red was seen as the most average team and
the one against which all the others could be compared.
Since the zeps had never played the eminence before,
tonight would be a great litmus test to see
how weak grey really was.

The captain's meeting was amazingly civil and productive.

then we went downstairs and saw the new facilities which
are fantastic and include things like klennex tissues and talcum powder (or something like that) next to the sinks

i feel like i'm at the granite club minus the snobby wasps

on with the GAMES

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Game One: Rebel vs. Pastures

one week after i jinxed jesse
and he lost his double-shutout
with only 3 minutes left to play

larry got the first double-shutout
since sanjay's two years ago

congratulations larry

it may be another two years
before anyone does that again

Jesse only let in one goal all game
and this was the lowest scoring game
i've every seen in my 6 years at the jcc

the final score was 1-0 pastures
with a goal by Lessem

after last weeks blow-out,
green was determined
to play responsible defense
and the result was amazing

the rebels hit the post twice
and anyway you slice it
this game could obviously
have gone either way
at any time

but what happened to the
great rebel offense ?

were they just playing this
way to give the impression
that they didn't need weakening?

amir's assessment of the game
was that there weren't many
offensive opportunities happening
for either team - just a lot of
neutral zone activity

congratulations to the pastures
who contained the second strongest
offense in the league for the entire game

the last few minutes, when yellow
had pulled its goalie were incredibly

larry stood up to a serious pounding
and really earned his double-shutout

Game Two: Zeppelins vs. Eminence

this was the first meeting between
these two teams

the eminence pulled away from the zeps
right off the bat and never looked back

it was 5-1 by the first half but
the zeps were still really confident

in the second half the zeppelins tried
everything and we were truly dominating
but we couldn't even buy a goal

the eminence kept scoring and
soon the score was 8 to 1

now at that score many teams would
fold up and just wait for the end but
not the bold zeppelins and sure enough
Timmy wacked in an ugly goal
and the zeps went crazy

we were beyond ourselves
and the cheering didn't stop

tanner came over to congratulate Tim
and it definitely seemed like the
momentum had shifted

the ball dropped and within 2 seconds
steve scored again

but jesse wasn't ready so it didn't count

and it was the end of the game so
although it ended 8-2,
the zeps left the game
on a very high note
and then we initiated the steam room with
the very first "team steam"

it is sooooo good for your muscles and your skin

it may be a bit painful for the meek
especially if you're not Finnish or masochistic
but "no pain no gain" so
we were even taking cold showers
and going back for more painful pore-cleansing

then we went up to see what the Donnellys
were doing to the OC Choppers

Game three: OC Coppers vs. Donnellys

everyone was expecting a massacre
but when i arrived,
half way into the last period,
the score was tied 5-5

mcphail had a hat-trick

then at a certain point the inevitable
onrush of Donnelly dominance began
to play itself out and in the second half
of the second half, the donnellys outscored
the choppers 6 to 1

the final was 11 to 6 but congrats to the choppers
for keeping the game so close for so long

by the end of the last game the downstairs facilities
are closed or closing so it was suggested by roy
that we move all the games forward by 15 minutes
so that the last game's players get to steam/shower

the firkin power-rankings were won by the zeps again
with six players present (all but kitch)
yellow was represented by lepage
orange by sander and "hat-trick" mcphail
goalies by "double-shutout" larry
and grey had gabe and roy

* * * * * REMINDERS * * * * *

Chris and Mitch lost goggles two games ago in the gym.
If anyone knows where they are please contact them.

BRING A LOCK next week
so you can lock you valuables
into the basement lockers.

TAKE TWO TOWELS from the basement desk
One is to cover yourself (for the modest types)
and to sit on in the steam room
and the other is to dry yourself with

The one that goes into the steam room with you
become too wet and stinky to be of any use
for drying after your shower.

* * * * * * TRADES * * * * * * *

The trades have been made and the captains
as well as the individuals involved have been informed.


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