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about January 22nd ,Ball Hockey Night in Canada (2003)

so only half of Team C showed up
but Gabe and Andrea hit the Firkin after

the Firkin hadn't so full of JCC Stars
since the last Party from the two-game days of old

we had the tables in the L shape and
were actually considering the full U shape
table re-arrangement, that's how many
superstars were analyzing their game
like announcers and sports writers

my fear was that the great Firkin rivalry
between the Boyz and the Pylons
had spilled out of the Firkin (as Mitch put it)
and into the gym next door

it was such a close game
&the most exciting

super-physical but not rough

it reminded me of the beginning of the
season before the other teams caught
their stride

now its getting common for
multiple-teams to be tied for first
very cool

and on any given week any team
can do the Phoenix Rising
so you just know
regardless of what the standings are
the playoffs will turn
on a twist of fate for any of the teams

nice to see Gerald out for Brown Sugar
and unfortunately he isn't on this email list
(if anyone has it please let us know)
so he can find out online
that his team has definitely gained
Full Team Status in the
great Firkin League
and need him for a late season rally

as mentioned above
the Firk had a Frikin unbelievable

Sugar was without Cornberg, Evan, Jon
(all used to be regulars) and Gerald.
This team could do really well in the Firkin Playoffs
and (depending upon Gerald) just might
start scooping the kitty on any given night.

Gabe and Andrea were there and considering
they were two-thirds of their team that night
that is pretty impressive

Mark was really the only Teamless Drinker
which reminds me that he gave me his email address
which is

welcome to the JCC HOCKEY CHAT LINE Mark
and great teamwork Team B minus Guest
I saw the whole game and it was amazing.
All of your were running like crazy...
it was inspiring to see you so inspired

nice to see you back and playing Sander.

hope you get better soon Jeff

and hope to see everybody at the Firkin
and just for the record,
pylonz took the kitty again last night
and for the second time this year
with the usual minus Shiney

Boyz minus Shane and the usual Eric
took second place

Very close again at the Firkin but definitely
not as close as the game we played in the gym


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