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May 10, 2004

tonight we wrap up the whole year

two weeks ago Patrick admitted that
he thinks about these playoff games all week long

i'm sure both teams have been putting
some thought into what they'll do
and what they'll try to avoid doing
in tonights game

our year comes to a close with
Gus facing Deranged
and there will be a winner

last week there was some discussion about
overtime, the general consensus being
that an overtime period (20 minutes long)
may precede the shoot outs

Deranged won last week by getting back
to the defensive style that has worked so well
in the second half of the season forcing
the third and final game tonight

desperation seems to be the best inspiration
but tonight both teams will be equally desperate

and what's more, there's going to be the banquet
at our beloved Firk afterwards

free food
free awards
free jokes from Ron and Vinnie
free pot (from heaven)
and as the Dalai Lama says "Free Tibet"

even the booze may be free at the beginning
but though it may cost money,
it will probably be flowing freely

which reminds me that
we have two new people on our email list
and they are no less than our super-friendly
hottie Firkin waitresses, Val and Hilary

now they will know the inside scoop
on our ball hockey antics
as well as our firkin achievements

since i'll be playing tonight
it would be wrong for me to predict...
a Deranged victory (for example)...
or to divulge any secret Deranged strategies

so this newsletter will be shorter than most

last week the Undisputed Firkin PowerRanking
Superstars... team Gus of course...
had another full-team 7 player showing

hats off to the best Firkin season record
in JCC history

see ya'll tonight

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