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Apr 22, 2004

No one could have predicted
that THE PLAGUE would be cured
by the D'Eranged in two games

At the first half THE PLAGUE
was ahead 3-1 and had missed
some seriously close chances.

Loren had eaten dinner just before
the game and was about to puke.
Davy asked him to "suck it back".

Back at our bench it seemed clear
that if we change our gameplan
we will probably lose for sure
so it was back to the hard D that
had gotten us this far.

They say a two goal lead
is the most psychologically deceptive
because it feels like more of a lead
than it really is.

Black had their full squad out as usual
and Sander and Silverman were
not used to losing in the playoffs
because they never have...

so the stage was set for a total upset.

Paul scored again and brought us
to within one goal and then Loren
(taking shortened shifts) scored a hat-trick.

Five unanswered goals in the second
and the score ended at 6-3 d'Orange.

It's hard to pinpoint what happened
to the Plague in the second half but
it seemed that by half way into the
period, and only two goals down,
they began to slow down and give up.

A couple of unnecessary penalties
demoralized them further
and it was soon over.
Our team was able to hold onto the lead
by just letting the clock run out.

Sander made the mistake of calling for
a substitution without going back to the bench
which resulted in a "too many men" penalty.
Back in the pre-ref days that was a common
way to shift. We'd just yell "sub" to the bench
from wherever we were, someone would
jump on to replace us and we'd saunter
over to the water-fountain. For two years
Josh has been calling it as a 15 feet maximum
from the bench for clean shifts. Even less
if the ball happens to be in the vicinity
of the bench.

Overnight our team has lost its
underdog status. After starting this year
with a 5 game losing streak, d'orange
has won all 8 games since Feb 9th.

- - - -

Some say its best to "glycogen load"
your bloodstream with long chain
slow burning carbs by eating pasta
about 5 hours before your game.

Definitely don't eat a meal within
a couple of hours of playing
(unless you, like Loren, play better
when you feel sick).
One of the greatest goalies of all time,
Glenn Hall, supposedly threw-up
before every single game, but i
wouldn't recommend it.

Then at gametime its supposed to help
if you snack on fast burning
sugary carbs like chocolate bars.
Of course drink water like crazy
before during and after a game but
leave some room for alcoholic beverages

- - - -

Grey GUS had a long losing streak
near the end of the year but that changed
as soon as the playoffs started.

DIJON had lost the first game
so this past monday they were sitting
perilously close to the brink of elimination.

At the half it was tied 2-2.

GUS had their full squad as usual
and they all showed up at the Firk to win
the power-ranking (as usual)
but they couldn't cream DIJON.

In the second half, Aron scored
a Hossa-esque diving goal
which may have looked spectacular
but it left him with a "lower body injury"
and he had to sit out most of the second half.

Everyone else on DIJON had to step up
and they did. Vinnie scored a hat-trick
and Shane scored five times.
DIJON won 9-5

Dijon was playing without Mitch
and next week they will be
minus Speedy Steve Chamberlain.

Gus will be without Ron (their goon)

Hopefully Aron will be able to play
but right now he's "day to day".

Next week these two teams
will play the early game
and it will be a doozer.

A pick-up game will be organised
for the late game timeslot.

So come on out,
see the game
play some pick-up
and drink some beer.
(don't puke)


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