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Mar 26, 2004

the playoffs always bring out mixed emotions

the christmas colours red and green
were both teams that started slowly,
improved consistently and by the end of the year
had built enough momentum that no one could
have counted them out of the finals

in fact Gus was probably the underdog
considering they had only one a single game
since new years

both elimination games where super-close
right to the end and they both started at full tilt
so the games were incredibly exciting
from the beginning to the end

the Hornets were a goal ahead of Gus
with three minutes left to go but without
David Quarter and Jason Volling
they "just ran out of steam" as Silver put it

red-eyes started the scoring and were within
two goals for the entire game but with
a minute and a half left to go, Jordan
threw it all away with a cross-check to
Loren's throat

normally, Jordan is an amazing player
to watch and to play against

i have great admiration for the players in the
league who like him can deek me out
almost anytime... i really do admire that and
as i mentioned in a newsletter earlier this year,
he may be one of the best ball handlers
in our league but for some bizarre reason
he goes snake on Loren and each incident
truly warrants another suspension

many people have voiced that his head-butting
should have resulted in an expulsion

going into the last game he had two suspensions
and three of those is an automatic expulsion
from the league so i doubt he will be back next year

when he cross-checked Loren i announced to him that
"that will get you kicked out of the league"

it wasn't because i dislike him or that i was gloating
over a victory and rubbing it in. That's not my style.
It was simply because i thought what he did
was way too brutal (for our league).

even the NHL is cracking down

- - - - - -

with one-game elimination rounds any team could
have easily been the ones to lose

maybe with Dean, Red Eyes would have won
maybe Larry did save Gus in the first half
maybe Jesse did save them in the second
maybe Jason and David would have put the Hornets ahead

all very reasonable maybe's

Gus pulled it out of the hat with an interesting play.
With only a couple of minutes left to go Jeff Wener
switched with Mark Gregus and started playing forward.

Gus won the Powerrankings again.
There was a great turnout at the Firk,
mostly celebrators unfortunately.
Joel Cornberg was the only drinker
from a losing club.

- - - - - - - - - -

Rumour has it that Dominque and Konstantine are now married.

Tonight there will be a fundraiser organised by Carolyn
who was the Deranged Cheerleader last game.
It should be a lot of fun and its for an African girl who
needs medicine for her kidney disease. Hope some of you
(esp. you Paul) can make it.

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