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Jan 19, 2004

there's a mythic side
to everything we do

and that applies to ball hockey too

Jung called it the archetype

but behavior itself could be catalogued
based on archetypic stories

like in the first game

eranged d'orange
minus their "d" again
but only in the first half

falling behind by four goals
by the half
and trying to close the gap
with that "mad dash last few minutes"
that silver refered to talking
about an archetype

"the mad dash"
which deranged has resorted to
in many recent games

the plague sweeps over the re-eranged

very fast team even without puya

jesse was super steady

the goalies
all 3 of them
had a 100% turnout at the firk

and the big topic of the evening
may have been
giving the goalies
two-for-one status
so that a full turnout
results in 6
would still lose to
a full team 100% turnout of 7
but as tonight it would beat 5

its true that 100% is catchy
and getting 100% of 7 should
be worth more than 100% of 3

so anyway,
back to the games

orange was down by five goals
at one point
it was getting a bit surreal

so to bring it within 2 was
a bit of a victory

deranged does love the
last minute mad dash

paul and adam brought "the pick" issue
back to the surface

in the NBA the pick is allowed and refs have to judge
whether or not one player had been there long enough
to be the one who draws the defensive or offensive
interference penalty when a collision happens

its a tough call especially from a single ref

in the nhl it is assumed that you are on the way towards
the net so the defenseman doesn't really own the ground
he/she is on

on skates you are nearly always in motion
so there really is no "posting up" like in the NBA

but in the basketball court where we play
its easy to pick and be victimised by a pick

you run into someone and you get hurt
but it looks like you were the aggressor

really the aggressor is the one who "plans a collision"
so the picker has a more active role than the one who collides with him

but on the other hand
if we allow the pick then we will all adjust
and perhaps play an even more interesting form of ball hockey

might it do for us what it has done in the nba

should there be an area like "in the paint" around the basket where you are not allowed to pick ?

after the collision
paul picked up a 5 minute penalty
but i believe it was because he was loud and beligerent

and although you and adam patched it up
lets discuss it at the firk
or with josh after the game
shall we

totally unnecesary to get loud
but the crowds seem to love it

Sander got in on the screaming

and in spite of the outbursts
it does bring up an interesting issue

because a lot of people use the pick
and a lot of others resent it

so it has to be put into the rules
as a yeah or neigh to picks

if you see someone running towards the ball
and you stop suddenly in their tracks
they will run into you

do we want ball hockey to use a basketball rule?
how will it affect the game?

we need input on this

and black was without puya
we were without greg & roy

but what an awesome game


then another shocker from Gus
and also an archetype

the second time this month that grey
was on the receiving end of a blow-out

this time against the new improved green
with the volling-silver combination
showing some synchronicity

jason knows to find open spaces
and jeff passes like an archer

it'll be a fascinating play-offs
but also a great second half of the season

GUS held to one point

reminiscient of january 5th

well it may be a smart tactic

now's a great time to go into a slump
and pull out of
just before the playoffs

Hornets 7 - Gus 1 (archetypal)

then a thriller at the end
with red filling the "young team" archetype
taking on Dijon

when i left to the firk at the half
red was up 3-1

but in what is an archetypal scenario
Dijon in a "last minute mad dash"
tied and then won the game

with a controversial goal scored by aron

because shiney said aron hacked him
to free the ball

aron lifted his stick "under my glove and yanked it up
and the stick ran up my arm to my baby finger"

as shiney's story goes, his baby finger
red, swollen and resting on ice at the firk

"then aron got the ball behind the net,
my glove was off and my finger was killing me...

aron circles the net and scores
and i'm just holding on to my hand..."
or something like that

but it was a passionate moment
to see the MTV line and Aron
rejoicing to a "come from behind"
"last minute mad dash" victory

deep down in their hearts they feel
shiney's pain but lets put this all in perspective

two weeks ago Dijon was on the receiving end
of a crushing 10-5 defeat to this very team
and at the end of the first half
when i left for the firk
it looked like Gus wouldn't be the only team
to re-visit January 5th

a great game by both teams and
we all hope shiney's is alright

got some great video tonight
with an awesome "outstretched arm"
archetypal save by larry on a
"2 on nothing" breakaway

for the power-ranking record
dijon had five
with aron steve and mtv
but the goalies once again
had a 100% turnout with three

raising the issue of doubling
the goalies' power-ranking value

adam and lessem
paul and i
ron and mark
had 2 each
and a lone cornberg hornet

red is too young to drink

see ya'll monday

have an amazing week

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