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Jan 12, 2004

"red is on fire
hodes and dean
are starting to
tear up the court"

that was one account
i received about game 3
but lets start at the beginning

green and a marrus-less plague
with green looking relatively
back-at-strength with another
test of the volling-silver combination

and the hornets won beating
the numero uno team leaders

then the deranged game vs. dijon
but deranged had no "d" and so we
were eranged by a shaneless Dijon

Dijon also narrowly beat out Eranged
5 to 4 for the powerranking at the Firk

Mitch gave his now legendary epic
about the day Mike Tanner scored 8 times
in the second half

and it begs the question of whether or not
the JCC Ball Hockey League should
have a Hall of Fame where classic
tales can be immortalized.

And another topic was about whether
Davy Lantz was currently the best ball handler
and i know he has the best wrist shot but
the two Jeffs, Jamie, maybe Jordan and
even Lev come to mind in strictly ball handling

So i saw half of the Gabeless Gus vs. Red game

"gus is in a bit of a funk"
someone said at the firk
when we heard they lost to red

then the "red is on fire..." line
at the beginning of this newsletter

so it wasn't a shabby grey but
rather a red with d
that shut down Gus'

the two top ranked team were beaten this week
which may herald a very exciting and interesting
second half and playoffs

i love parity
and no team should be significantly weaker
so on any night the team with the bounces
which works against you almost randomly
on any given evening will reward the lucky
of the two evenly matched teams

when luck plays such a large role
then unpredictability grows

the excitement of the unpredictable is infectious
partly because we are all winners and can
easily envision ourselves as such
with similar chances

so we can bond through a shared expereince
each of us thinking we are the champions
and its therapeutic as well
to feel good about yourself

its bad to brag but okay to just feel self worth

a couple of "consistent firkiners" were complaining
that gus had zero representatives present
and they suggested that in the future having zero
any evening should relinquish a past victory
so every team needs to have minimum one representative

"consistent firkiners" are at the firk every week
so they think the minimum representation rule
would reward their personal consistency

and obviously should be seriously considered
by the Firkin Powerranking Committee

have a great week

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