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Dec 1, 2003

the big day
when the weak teams
would inherit from the strong
and the absent would be replaced
by the wannabe-present...
that big day came and went
but all i can report
at this point in time

is that only one team
may be changed
in some yet to be determined way

and that team is the green hornets

sounds vague
but that is literally all i know
because paul sat in on the meeting
from my team
so i wasn't even in on the wheeling and dealing
and lack thereof

- - - - - - - - -

the games were intense
Gus and the Plague are now tied for first

we had a goalie crisis
because Jesse emailed the night before
that he'd be unable to make it

Larry was good for three games at one end

but since Shiney is still injured
and Aron was out of town
i had to play the first game
Paul played the second
and Evan played the third

during the course of the evening
i discovered that Alan Silverman's son
and Lorne Lantz both play net

in fact Lorne has always played goal
except for this year

so there will be two more people
to call on the next time we have
a goalie crisis

Gus beat an Aron-less Dijon

Grey has that magic combination
of offense and defense that brings
a lot of consistent pressure to bear
on the opposition. They are there
to take advantage of any slip-ups
and they get scoring from everyone.

They may be the team to beat
because of their rock-solid consistency.

Christmas colours were happening
with the Hornets and Red.
Red's got to get a name.

Red always seems to play better
in the second half
but can't ever make up for the
goals it gives up in the first.

The hallow'een colours were back
in the last game.
The Deranged had a tough battle
with the Plague. It was 4-3 in the
second half before the Deranged collapsed.
Lorne, Roy and i were all sick
(as well as deranged)...
and it didn't help
that Greg is still injured
BUT no worries
Greg will return soon.

LEAFS just won their seventh in a row.
RAPTORS have never looked this good.

just saw a Firkin commercial
which brings us to the power-rankings

Dijon and Gus were tied this time
Laurie, Steve, MTV (make 5)
Weners, Andrea and Patty and Gabe (5 again)
Jordana joined us with Mitch so
maybe that counts too... we need to
review the power-ranking rules
and Plague was third with 3
Deranged with 2
Hornets had Evan
and no Red...

have a great week

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