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Nov 24, 2003

this is the last week before the team rosters
get finalized

there's been enough games for the governors
to get a sense of which teams need offense/defense
and which have too much

after next week's games the governors, goalies
and team GMs will meet at the Firkin
and negotiate trades which will obviously
have to hurt the better teams but its all
in the name of parity which benefits the league.

its true that our egos love to win as often as possible
but at the end of the day we all experience deeper gratification from playing hard against worthy opponents whether we win or lose

a big topic at the Firkin yesterday was the upcoming
three players on the waiting list

they include Mike Tanner
who many believe is the best all-around player
who has played in this league

he played field hockey for the canadian national team
and always amazes us with new tricks

another player on that list is Jason Volling
who has been in the top ten both years
that he has played in the league

Rob is also on the list and is well-known
by the summer pick-up players
he is also a very strong addition to any team

a point of contention which arose yesterday
involved the question of how to deal with
long (but not permanent) absence from the team.

Dan Silver, Paul Lepage, and perhaps Greg Fettes
will be out until February
which is 7 games
which is half of the remaining schedule

These players will want to return when they are able
so we need to hold their place for them
since they have valid reasons for their absence
but it may be the vacancies we need to start
including people off the waiting list into the lineups

its a difficult situation because
teams should not end up with 8 people

with 5 subs each persons playing-time
becomes excruciatingly brief

if the incoming people know that
they're here for a good time but
definitely not a long time
then it may be easier for them to part
when injured players return

its not an easy problem to sort out
but thats what the governors are for
and i'm sure they'll come up with
something fair

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

last wednesday
Paul, Larry, Aron and i
partied on the Kilgour outdoor patio
to watch the outdoor hockey games

it was a truly unique
Crazy Canuck experience

i'm attaching a compilation photo
of the event

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

the ball hockey games were very bizzare

red got into a defensive slump off the bat
d'orange took advantage of it and built
up a huge 7 point lead

the second period was won by red
but it was too little too late

they were playing without Richard
who has serving a one-game suspension
for tripping Davy after the whistle
on the 17th

this red team epitomizes talent without strategy
and of all the teams they would clearly
benefit most from Mike Tanner
not only because of his skill but mainly
because of his ability to coach them
into a cohesive unit

everyone was expecting a close game between
the two highest ranking teams in the league
but right from the start it was clear that
Gus had found a cure for the Plague
and so Black tasted defeat for the first
time this year. Gus was missing Ron
and the Plague was without Puya and Alan.
Adam was coming off a cold.

I went to the Plague's bench to get a low-down
on the state of affairs. Sander said "we're
out of shape so we need a full team to win"
and added "this proves that yellow (Dijon)
is the best team".

Currently there is a three-way tie for first
between Gus, Dijon and the Plague.

The last game was between Dijon and
the Green Hornets. It was close from start to finish
with Dijon winning by a goal.

I played net in this last game and every rap-around
totally eluded me. I was hugging the post...
but the ball would just bounce around
until it came to rest at the back of the net.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Firkin phenomenon was entertaining as usual

just for the record
(Grey)Gus had 5 players at the Firk who drank and left
before the late game contingent arrived
so they rightfully had a 2nd place showing last week

Dijon won it this week with 5
Gus with 5, Black and Orange 2 each
and one Goalie

i'm attaching a photo
taken by our favorite waitress Val.

have a great week
and don't forget wednesday night pick-up


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