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Sept 18,2017

first an apology for
this very late release
for this instalment

it was written as is
on the eve of the championship

then it was lost and found
and here it is…

morgan had flu..
scorekeeper mark back in net
after a strong performnce
the week before..

red openned scoring,
mikel tapped in a loose ball
in the crease... the tension is
high, both teams are buzzing
with confidence

chamberlain tied it up
picking a pocket deep
in red zone and beating
jesse top right corner..

injury to jeff penalty to noam..
jeff was down on one knee,
cut his forehead.. wears headband
for rest of game..

evan scores on powerplay
with wrap-around on marks
stick side..

green tied it up with long
screen shot by eric in low
glooveside on jesse..
period ends score tied 2-2

red had a slight advantage
with possessions and shots
but mark was up for the challenge

dazzling halftime show
provided by chris the time-keeper

five minutes into second period
alan falls along wall and hits his head
but continues playing the ball..
nobody realizes he’s injured,
unlike jeffs forehead injury,
he had not been hit by les' stick..

twice in one game the medics
from the pool are called to
bandage up forehead injuries..
les is given a penalty..

dave silverman picks off silver’s
clearing attempt and sets up steve
for the goal, green takes the lead..

noam trips jeff and is back in the box..
josh scores with great low shot
to jesses glove side.. tied again…
unbelievably close game !
three powerplays result in three goals..

noam hits the post..
steve sets up dave who deaks mark
to give green the lead...
allan continues game with bandaged head,
blood dried to the side of his face..
even with our safety precautions
its looking like "old time hockey"

long shot by jeff from center hits top shelf
and red ties it with 15 mins to go...
dino sends a hand-pass to steve
who knocks it in but it’s disallowed..

joshs hits les with a great pass, and
les backhands goal into open corner,
with 9 mins left red has taken the lead

three mins left to go,
manny returns from the basement
and announces “the cup is in the buiding”

two mins left and jesse is pulled,
green has four attackers
and puts on the pressure…
red calls for atimeout with 16 secs left..

time runs out on green
leslie endes wins his first championship
jeff silver wins his seventh
consecutive championship,
a feat that likely won’t be repeated
for a century

amazing game, could have gone either way..
time to go to the banquet

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