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May 1, 2017

year to year i sound like
a broken record but
"what an amazing
year it's been!"
playoffs start tonight
with a new formula
that our experimental
commissioner Daniel
is willing to try out...
we are playing
20 minute games
nine total each
team gets to play
in three of them.

we used to start
with a three game series
in which the top two
take a pass but
no team wants to
skip three weeks
sitting on the side
excited to play
but cooling down
like the season's over...
then it became
a one game series
where the top two
miss only one week
while third played sixth
and second vs. fifth...
but even one extra
week cooling down
bothered top teams so...
we are ALL
playing tonight !!
one of the great things
about this league is
that we all make
the playoffs...
that makes the stats
slightly less relevant...
less pressure to win and
truly a gift to a league
where the spirit of play
stands strong against
the necessity to win...
finishing higher is only
relevant picking sides
and choosing goalies...
our past playoff history
is absolutely full
of upsets
and its all
up for grabs
starting today

I am inspired
to write now because
its the last day that
we are all playing..
it's sad that two teams
will end their season tonight...
every team this year
has a strong character...
its been a joy playing
against all of you...
we have a gem
of a league and
we have all grown
through this amazing
team building experience...
and now is the time to
recognize how wonderful
our teams truly are
and how much we love
this sport, how much this
playful monday night activity
lends to our lives...
couldn't imagine going
a year without ball hockey...

it lets us be kids again
in a safe environment
getting (much needed) exercise
amidst sweet friends
once a week !
we thrive from this
"team experience"
even if we don't realize it...
we grow as athletes
and in our league
that means developing
as "good sports" with
great sportsmanship...

our league is
the perfect place
to practice sportsmanship
because it provided
lots of opportunity to
get frustrated...
at yourself, your team mates,
the ref, the other team,
the stick and the often
unforgivingly bouncy ball...

lots of opportunity to
beat yourself up with
swearing and stick throwing
when we're frustrated...
which of course is also
an opportunity to refrain
and maintain composure...
that might mean stopping
the impulse to yell at Anson
even though you know he
made the wrong call lol

we all struggle with that
but some players rarely
lose their cool and
that's the point that
needs to be made
concerning the recipient
of a special award
whom we select tonight..

the ed koehl award
focuses on the
"spirit of the league"...
think which player
exemplifies sportspersonship...
fun to play with and against!
we have a lot of "good sports"
to chose from !

it's been a great year
let's have an awesome playoffs!

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