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what a year (Dec 31, 2002)

its time again
for that end of year letter
to all of you

its been a beautiful year
injuries have been fairly minimal
last playoffs had its brutal moments
but besides a handful of lows
its been consistently fun, exciting,
athletic and fun

i just finished watching a classic
1971 black and white
montreal vs. bruins game
on latenight cbc

with bobby orr
derek sanderson
esposito and belliveau

it is great to see
for me
(very special)

i haven't seen those guys play
for literally twenty plus years
and in this game bobby orr is nearly a rookie

we've had great action this year

my goalie average dropped
from 2.00 per period
to 4.50 overnight last week
but i still had a lot of fun

it was Mike Guest's last game
and he went out with a blast

he's going out to Fernie to party
that is such a cool trip Mike
have fun, it'll be very exciting
the powder snow out there is legendary

tonight was Monday night
and I'm suffering from monday night
ball hockey withdrawal

the league is way better than pick-up
but i'm not exactly sure why

i love pick-up too but it doesn't
feed my ball hockey addiction as completely

January 6th is so far away and
has such special significance for me

what a rockstar set of governors we picked
cudos to everyone, all of you emailers
whether you were crabby, informative, emotional
or merely ridiculous
it was all good
it made me laugh, cry and feel argumentative

and the tim smith website, and maintainance, wow

what a strange ball hockey year
the construction closing down the gym
the weights etc...
missing a summer of pick-up

the new people this year are amazing
vinney, lori, michael, lianne,
aaron, david, daniel,

great attitude and sportspersonship
but unfortunately
vince is the only one of you who are
regulars at the pub afterwards

Team "good ol' boys" has had
a very respectable pub record this year
maybe we should keep stats on
how many post-game outings
and drinks per game...

in the past with only two games a night
there was an extra hour of pubtime
after the final game
when all of us could be together

now the first game ends two hours before the final one
so a lot of early people leave
and that has fragmented the Firkin Scene

its too bad
i miss the big group thing we had going last year
where we take over two of the long tables

a lot of people have to get up early on Tuesday
so aprés final game festivities became
way more out-of-the-question

but getting you all out to the pub afterwards
is only half of the reason i'm up at 3:45 a.m.
writing you this email.

it's a special monday night
even thought we did not play
because its the night before new years eve

actually it is Tuesday now
so its the last day of the year
and so

i wish each and every one of you
a great new year, beneficial in every
conceivable way and fun

thanks you guys and gals for a
wonderful year of awe-inspiring
stick-swinging fulfilment of childhood
favorite game fantasy

not to mention exercising, joking around,
toning muscle, losing weight (not), drinking booze etc...

and having more fun than doing tae-bow

love you all
party on


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