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Nov 10, 2003

had a horrible hang-over on sunday
and wondered all afternoon how my
damaged digestive system would
deal with it but in the end i rediscovered
what i had learned over the years and that is
that there is nothing better for getting
your body back on track than an
amazing work-out

you sweat the toxins out
or something like that

its as though you insult your body
with the over-indulgence and then
with a major work-out you are
reminding your body that
you love it and
it still has a higher purpose
so it better recover

grey-gus was in the zone today

Ronnie deeked out Shiney
right out of his socks
which made our jaws drop
it had to be the play of the night

Gregus got way too many points

Red got into a rut defensively
and grey didn't miss a beat.
Red has the offense but has to
get a defensive strategy together.

By the way does anybody have
Dean Brauer's email address?
He is the only one in the league
who isn't on this weeks' newsletter's
email list.

In our game against Club Dijon
we started with no subs and i
think Dijon with its massive fire-power
took it for granted that we'd be an
easy win. Now more than ever
Paul and I are convinced that
Dan Greenstein is this years' most
improved player. Down 3-1, we
battled back to take the lead by the
half. But we were definitely hurting
and Dijon knew it. We were down
again 7-4 and battled back to 7-6.
That's the most goals we've scored
in a game. It felt like a victory.

Thank god Shiney and Jesse decided to
play goal during the third game
because although Paul and I had agreed
to do it, we would have both been useless.

It was the first game that green had
both Silvers. After taking a 3-1 lead
the Plague erupted with 6 unanswered goals.

I've got a theory that super-stars like
(Jeff Silver and Davy Lantz) go into
passive mode when they play alongside
their brothers. Its like they're being protective
or something. I'm sure its temporary but
the trend is fascinating.

The Firkin was excellent again.
We were all blissing out on Miller's victory.
Jesse joined us and we finally got to
meet the rookie rockstar goalie.

The power-rankings ended
in a 4-4 tie between Gus and the Plague.
Dijon with 3 and D'Oranged with 2

have a great week

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