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Nov 3, 2003

blasts into the oblivion
of screen shots was
my way of scoring tonight

another amazing night

yellow (or équipe Dijon)
lost and was shameless,
great losers all of them,
Shaneless, shamefree
and perhaps tied for first
in last weeks power-rankings
because some people left
the firkin before i arrived
so the jury is not out yet
on last weeks orange (or
should i say D'Orange)
firkin victory. This brings
up the point of players
emailing me if you've been
left off the power-ranking

So back to the games...

The Black Plague hit the
court with fearful wrath.

The medicinal mustard
could not halt the scourge.
Dijon went down without
shame or Shane their
soft-spoken (you can't tell
he's there until he's not there)

So Red started to blossom
the way i expected these
obvious ice-hockey fanatics
to do. They are getting better
every second so our league
may soon be looking at a team
of Erics who pass.

Green was Silverless, in fact
Black was Silvermanless so
it was a completely Silverless
night at the JCC and Green
really felt it. Great to see
Dave Quarter make it out
(late as usual... wouldn't have it
any other way). Great effort by
Green but Red's fancy moves
were actually starting to show
on the score-sheet. Some super
deeks, and brilliant passing...
a very exciting bunch to watch.

D'Orange jumped ahead of
Grey Gus by two goals in the first,
and we felt God-like... and
then were quicky humbled
dropping behind by two with
two minutes left to go.
We pulled our goalie early
and managed to score twice
and tied (which totally felt like a win).
So from Gods to Losers finally
ending up somewhere in the middle.
This evening had it all. I didn't
feel too confident at the beginning
seeing as Gus scored 11 goals
last game. But the Orange
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin-hearts
proved that with the fire in our
pumpkins, Jack could give Gus
the game of his life.

Then Grey Gus won the power-
rankings with a full team (7 player)
turn-out (although Patrick just popped in
for a second). Gus won the rankings
by more than two people tonight
(therefore with or without Patrick)
but it did shed light on a CRUCIAL
power-ranking dilenma, namely
"how long must a player stay at the
firkin to be officially counted in the
power-rankings". Some said one must
drink a complete glass of something
even if it is only water. That means
you have to sit down, hang your
coat on your chair, and be in the
premises for at least the five minutes
it takes to do all that. We need to agree
on a standard by which to judge
power-rankings. Suggestions are welcome.

Val was our waitress and it felt
like old times. We talked about
Michelle who all the veterans
had a crush on (either secretly or
out in the open). We love Val too.

Jeff, who is normally so dexterous
on the court, slapped a pink of beer
off the table and onto Gabe. Priceless.

Dijon had a bunch today as did
d'Orange but no one could challenge
the massive Grey Gus Firkin Invasion
this evening (Patty or no Patty).

you all rock
thanks for a fantastic monday night

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