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Oct 27, 2003

It was an amazing,
amazing evening

Laurie played so the world was way more perfect.

Shiney was spectacular making impossible saves.

and although i had the late game
i loved watching all the other games

finally saw the young red team
what talent

once they get some discipline
on D they'll be awesome

what a wild game between
green and grey, a total blowout.

Our game was super close.
Joel Lessem seemed back to the old form
We rattled it of the crossbar with seconds
left to go but it was destined to be our first loss.

I love the evolution of our team.
We are jelling (like ORANGE JELLO)
even tho we haven't been scoring.
It'll come.

We have the lowest scoring games so
our defense is fine and that's a great
thing. Its just the offence which
seems to be miss-firing but it feels temporary.
It feels like we are applying amazing
pressure but unsuccessfully.

Greg had his first game. Welcome aboard.

The grey-green game was a blow-out
with a total of 20 goals being scored
in one game. With a half-time score of 6-5
they doubled the 3-3 final score JELLO had with
green last week. Jon Mandel was on fire,
both teams were firing on all pistons,
there was a goal every minute or two.
11 goals for grey without Patrick.

Red and the Yellow-bellies had a
super close game too. Richard was over-
charged and blew a fuse when his team got a
"too many men" penalty. He threw his stick
& it hit the ceiling under the track right above
the staircase doors. He really flung it.
Josh jumped on it right away and gave him
an additional minor. I've seen stick throwing but
rarely and usually only in the playoffs.
You have to cool it Richard. It was surreal.
Thank god the young guys are so chilled
& i hope they rub off on you.

Did i mention Laurie played an amazing game.

The Firkin was fun-tastic.

The Goalies were well represented
with Larry and Shiney.
(Orange)Jello or O.J. had 5
with Dan,Paul,Roy,Greg & i
(Black)Power had Adam,Jamie&Sander
(Yellow)Bellies had Tim&Aron
(Grey) had Andrea&Jeff


Its Grey(Matter) 1, O'Jello 1...
wow, tied for first place.

Have a great week everybody.

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