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GOVs and ROSTERs (JCC HOCKEY NEWS Sept 29th 2003)

It was amazing really
how fast it all happened

Adam handed out the forms
They were handed back
The governors of last year
and the new governors
left and i played goal
for almost two hours

Then back at the firkin
the govs "past and present"
hung out at the back
with the pool tables where
we have the banquet
most of the time. And
when i went back there
i was shocked to see that
there were only 5 governors.

Had we elected someone who
wasn't there? Nope, it was
Andrea returning for a second
term by popular vote.
That's amazing. I think
it's really positive because it
brings continuity from a very
amazing year.

The other two super-governors
this year and they are amazing
people with very excellent attitudes
towards sports and life are....

Vinnie Sir Vincent "the Vince"


the Great Ron Wener


for the work you did on our behalf


for the time and energy
you're going to dish out on our behalf

i wanted to be a GOV and campaigned
ferociously and for the first time in a long
while my powers of persuasion failed
me miserably, but at least the GOVs that
were picked are way more responsible
and competent than i am so as long as its
better for our league i guess i can live
with it...

- - - - - - - - - - - -

the firkin crowd had privileged access to the
teams "hot off the press" and althought this
isn't the official email for the rosters

i have the scoop to some extend

the brothers are all playing together
so the Silvers, the Lantzs & the Weners
have their own teams

Aron is on Laurie's team

I'm with Roy, my excellent buddy,
Paul of Pylon fame, Evan, Dan
the new brother-in-law of Mitch,
the Lantz brothers so there's no
shortage of firepower here. We
just have to work on the Firkin
power rankings and unfortunately
Loren Lantz doesn't look like he's
19 yet.

Aron and Laurie are joined by the
illustrious MTV line, Shane and
Steve so yeah, they are not only
not hurting, they have serious
Firkin power ranking prowess
and in the confident terms of Vinnie
himself "they may quite frankly be 'the
team to beat' as far as power ranking go"
with 5 maybe more solid Firkineers.

Since i can't remember details very well
you'll have to wait to get the Govs email
for more roster stuff

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The initial reaction was mixed.
Joel Lessem seemed miffed.
He talked about the good old days
when there was a draft and you
could be a team's manager (a
real somebody). At least
he's getting married to a
super-spunky hottie called Joy
next week so that should keep
his mind off his lack of power
in the roster department.

Which reminds me, congratulations
to Mitch who just returned from
his honeymoon with Jordana.

Everyone is getting married.
What's the matter ? Isn't hockey
good enough ??

Jeff Wener started to bliss out.
Lev and Ron are on his team
and he hasn't played with either
of them for five years. With
Patrick and Mark, they should be
set for a productive year.

I am totally excited about this
year's teams and when they were
being read out they seemed to
make a profound sense like
they had been picked by...
profound Governors or maybe
even demi-gods who know
something that mere mortals
don't. I wasn't expecting my
team so i just enjoyed how
we all fell into a divine order.
The chaos was lifted...

oh yeah Adam and Jamie
are together again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pick-up was fantastic
even with the two kazillion
chairs along the walls

Oh I've got some sad announcements:
sad but understandable

the following ex-league members
want to be left off of our big
group mailouts (like this one)
so each of us should delete their
addresses from our group lists


gonna miss them

Mike and Loren were huge inspirations
to me. Mike's attitude and skill was
great to behold especially as a teammate
but also as an adversary.

Loren was a goalie's goalie, and was
very encouraging and protective.

hey this is way too sad a note to leave on
so here are letters i just received from
Dominique and Konstantin (the German
couple who played with us two years ago)
and there's also an email from Aaron Dhir.

At 10:43 PM +0200 21/9/03, Konstantin Peris wrote:
>Well guys,
>you seem to have lost both of your goalies and a lot of other great
>players - what's wrong? Are they still working in the gym meaning
>continous problems with finding a place to play or what...?! ;-)
>Dominique and I still feel flattered that you keep us informed about
>the ball hockey developments, and we are working on our way back to
>Canada. But I should have told you: the most talented players leave
>Anyway, please say hello to all those (few) guys who still remember the
>great German defense.
>Best regards and all the best for your next season
>konstantin & dominique
We will never forget the German defense.
You guys ran so fast and Dominque was so rough
she had all of us shaking in our sneekers.
Its great to hear from you.

and this from Aaron Dhir
At 10:12 PM -0400 13/9/03, Aaron Dhir wrote:
>hope you are all well in TO. i'm enjoying nyc immensely. there's
>so much to see and do (i live 5 minutes away from the blue note!).
>and the women at nyu are unbelievable....
>sander, dave, jeff, al and jonathan - i hope you are all doing well
>and that you enjoyed the rest of your summer. have a great season
>this year!
>take care,
Hey Aaron can we all crash at your place
when we go to nyc ? How much advanced notice ?
Wonderful hearing from you. See you on the
Thanksgiving long-weekend !

Actually Aaron won't be receiving this or future
emails because he wants off the group lists too.
I can't understand why. Does he think we're just
blood-sucking vultures wanting to use him for
his apartment? Those paranoid NYC lawyers...

So that's it folks.

See you all in not two but maybe even three weeks
because that'll be the next ball hockey date and
the first game of the absolutely brand new season.


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