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long-term pricing (Aug 27, 2003)

Naomi offered us $25 which can be
used for five extra nights of pick-up.
That definitely takes the edge off the
40% hike. Kim agreed to give us
unlimited towels so we can wash-up
in the bathrooms and dry ourselves
before going out in the cold. We'll
still miss the showers but that's
pretty good considering we are playing
in a construction site.

These are two quick concessions
that we've gotten which make me
feel like our concerns are not falling
on deaf ears. Except for this last week,
the gym is nearly completely empty
of large dangerous contraptions.
We will be getting new nets, which
is very timely because one of them
won't even stand up. We will have a ref
(hopefully Josh again). Kim makes sure
the floors are swept. We have Adam
representing us in the front office.
I hear Jamie is looking at getting us
shirts made of some high tech material.
Vinnie's logos look absolutely amazing.
And now Naomi who is the executive
director is on our mailing list.

Welcome to the ball hockey community Naomi.
We appreciate the ability to communicate
with you directly.

I think we've come a long way...
and with the construction situation being so
temporary, the future has really never
looked brighter. It seems to me that our
recent concerns have been fairly dealt with
so all we need to do is to keep the
communication going.

Which brings me to my one main concern.

I want to raise the issue of long-term pricing
because many of us expect (or at least hope)
to be playing in this league 10 years from now.

My concern is that if a 40% price hike
can happen when the JCC is a construction site
then what will happen when the renovations
are complete. Could we see 40% increases
become the rule and not the exception ?
If 40% then why not 60% ? The JCC will always
need more money because there will always
be other very deserving programs which
are running in the red.

So I think it is expedient to discuss long-term
pricing strategies. Is there a strategy already
in place for future price increases ? Can we be
guaranteed that future price increases for
league members will be inflation-adjusted but
not raised any more than that ?

This is similar to rent control. New members
might be asked to pay more but old members
get a rate that is not exorbitantly higher than
the price that lured us to our beloved league
in the first place.

This is the way to reward loyalty and promote
the commitment which makes our league so...
over the top.

thanks for listening

see ya'all monday


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