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hoser's dream (Aug 24, 2003)

Tim got a rink for Mitch's stag
so for three hours (3)
we were playing shinny
drinking and smoking

it was magnifiscent
it felt like Mitch was a rich kid
and the rink was his backyard
and his buddies could show up
and lace up anytime
and yes it had the definite sense
to it that made it seem most clearly
like a hoser's fantasy

i rolled a joint on a hockey bench
humming the hockey night in canada tune
which should be our national anthem
even thought it has no word

then we lit up and skated around
passing the torch to each other
like it was the stanley cup
like we were in the presence
of adoring hometown fans
skating and smiling as if to say
i am canabian

then afterwards
the bbq and then the pub crawl
very amazing, a night to remember
if i hadn't killed those braincells

i've never seen vinnie so plastered

so...about the recent JCC problems

my biggest concern is that there will be
no locker rooms and no showers
and i'll be going out into the winter frost
drenched in sweat

that can't be healthy

i think the JCC should put in temporary
dressing rooms with showers
for all the members who are using it
these days

co-ed showers would be fine

very fine

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