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Juranka's Corner

May 30, 2016

Another exciting season
comes to a close tonight!
for the first time in memory
the top two teams
in the season standings
actually ended up
in the finals.
although it shouldn't
surprise us that white
and blue with the four
leading scorers should be
playing for the cup tonight
it is still nonetheless
an oddity that it
ended up this way.
It's been a remarkable year
because of how smoothly
it progressed with far
less drama and injury
than in years past...
Nobody reached 20
penalty minutes which
means nobody will face
the possibility of suspension.
Although our beloved ref
had some quirky calls,
Anson kept the league's
fury in check and
deserves our praise for that!
All six teams had their
shining moments...
Yellow ended up in third
with both Puya and Dino
cracking the top ten
scorers list.
Red was in fourth
in spite of playing
much of the year
without Manny.
Incidently he made
the top 10 list even
though he only played
12 of the 20 games!
It was the best season
Evan has ever had
scoring over 50 goals!
Green made it to
the semifinals with
Jason as their top scorer.
He also ended the season
on the top 10 scorers list!
The Black Rogues
won the beer drinking
department hands down !!
Their consistent showing
at the bar after the game
is truly noteworthy !
In spite of not winning
a single game from november
til march, the team gelled
in the last month the
morale of the team was
unshaken... win or lose
we were determined to
enjoy ourselves and
that's not an easy task.
Although it was unexpected,
we began to win in March
and April and black
managed to get to
the semifinals in spite
of playing with
three injured players.
This year marked the
first year in over two decades
that the league was
without a female player.
Kathleen left us for Paris
but promised that she
would play next year
if she returned.
We were fortunate to
have excellent goalies
showing up consistently.
Finally we need to thank
Daniel our commissioner
who realizes the unique
quality of our amazing league
and has put his heart and
energy into continuing the legacy.
Tonight we will have a champion.
Will White win it for a record
six times in a row ? or
will Blue finally break that winning streak ?
Blue won the first game
but white tied it with an overtime
goal in game two !
It is obviously going to be
a very exciting game !
Afterwards the traditional
banquet will be held at Pauper's Pub.
This league is a community.
We are doing a lot more
than just burning calories.
That's why the end of the season
is always bittersweet...
so thankful to be a part of this
awesome group of friends
and athletes...
See you tonight !

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