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the space of absence (Jul 8, 2003)

who was i trying to kid

i ran up the stairs and tried to pretend that
it could substitute for monday night ball hockey
whether pick-up or not

i felt like a fraud at the top of the stairs

earlier i took my family to Lick's in the beaches
and ate a nature burger and a kiddie burger
and tons of fries and then frozen yogourt

then i dropped them off and was an hour late for hockey

my stuff, stick and everything was all packed in my trunk
and i was just getting ready to pull into the laneway behind the JCC when I felt really bloated and hot and i thought to myself that i would actually be doing myself a favor by not going to hockey

boy am i regretting it now
just like the fool at the top of the little
tiny flight of stairs who was out-of-shape
and full of nature burger and guilt

it was my third time in a row that i've missed
because last week was the long weekend
but next week i am going for sure

i hear that Hooman was there tonight

i'm walking past future's bakery where
i see adam
who also didn't play tonight
but knew about Hooman

and i have a beer with him and his friends
and talk about a book called 22 essays on hallucinogens
which has an essay about the long history of
drugs in Jewish religion and folklore

and i tell him that i nearly bought the book for
that one essay alone. and he is going to buy it.
which is great. could be interesting
Firkin conversation

so this monday past me by and left
a vacuum where my exercise and passion
for hockey should have been

i know that most of the regular season player
have not made it out to pick-up so i think
it was the urge to reunite with them,
even if only with our mutual absence

but next week there will be passion
and exercise and no last minute big meals
and the great canadian goddess of hockey
will forgive me my bad timing

and she will bless my hockey stick
so i can humbly receive the
gift of the lucky bounce


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