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my 44th birthday (May 13, 2003)

as i right this it is May 13th
which means its my birthday

i'm 44 and one of the oldest
players in our league and
the pylonz have the oldest
average age

age is great

we play best when we play
like 40 year olds, passing a lot
and taking really short shifts

the game tonight was super close

it was two all well into the
second half, and then the silver
men took the lead and kept it
until there was only 6 minutes
to go

then the lid blew off and
aron scored a hat-trick

we got a couple of insurance goals
and the pylons took this first game
7 to 4 but Jeff Silver wasn't there

who knows if we could have
contained them with Jeff playing

Jeff, we all need you to show up
two weeks from now

Jeff's creativity was lacking.
He generates interesting plays
and takes some of the heat off
Davy who, needless to say, was
a marked man tonight.

after posting a 7 points per game
average this far into the playoffs
we knew that we couldn't afford to
be sloppy covering him

the pick-up games afterwards
was amazing. i've played pick-up
on wednesdays with mainly
strangers and it doesn't compare to
pick-up with our own league members

its because we know each other's plays
and style so we begin to gel spontaneously

i know what Cornberg will do, for example,
so i could anticipate the play which is
way better than playing with strangers
even if they are great atheletes

the pick-up was so spectacular
that i know that Monday night pick-up
will be as religiously attended by me
as the regular season games were

the pylons won the power-ranking
at the firkin again but team Carl
was a surprisingly close second

now its past one and i'm old
so i gotta get some beauty rest

before i forget, all of you are invited
to my party on Saturday night
May 17th, 9pm until 4am

i live at 126 Glenrose Avenue,
one block south of St. Clair and
5 doors east of Mt. Pleasant

for TTC takers,
go to the Yonge/St.Clair Subway
and either walk the 4 blocks
east to Mt. Pleasant or take
a (South Leaside or Mt Pleasant) bus
to St Clair and Mt Pleasant.
Walk south to Glenrose and
5 doors east to #126.

For parents like Mike Tanner,
and Patrick and Sander and Aron
and Gabe and Paul, there is the Kids party
that starts around noon and goes
until 4 or 5 pm.

then i get some beauty sleep,
dose up on cheap stimulants
and prepare for the grown-ups
party at 9

its BYOB and Pot-Luck
but don't worry if you are broke
and or unprepared

i never show up to pot-lucks
with anything other than booze
and pot so that should come
back to haunt me

it'll be great to see as many of
you there as possible
and obviously feel free to bring
dates (especially if they are women)

if the weather is nice we'll open
up the patio and keep the neighbours up

and yes, in answer to your question,
cross-dressing is also permitted Ron

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