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bittersweet victories (May 5, 2003)

Lao Tsu said "in every victory there is defeat"
and as i've said before i hate to see this season end
so elimination sucks

team Carl played without Dave Quarter, Sanjay and Mike
like the Leafs last year, half of their team wasn't there
and I couldn't believe that Patrick played after his injury last week. The four of them; Pat, Gabe, Andrea and Chris put out a valiant effort but the Silver men were all there, healthy and and at the top of their game.

Mike Tanner was amazing behind the bench.
He could be a professional motivational speaker.
By the way, we found a pair of wild looking
goggles at the Firkin that we believe are yours Gabe.

The second game was close from the start to finish.

Vinnie started the scoring and the pylonz tied it up
near the end of the first half.
With the pylonz its always a different player each time
who has a great scoring game and tonight it was
Aron's hat-trick that did it for our team.

It went right down to the wire, goalie pulled and
good ol' boys just blasting it at the net over and over.
For the last 2 minutes, it was pylons sliding on their
knees blocking shots one after another. It wasn't
unusual to see all three pylons on their knees
at the same time.

This game could have gone either way, easily.
With about a half dozen spectacular glove saves
its safe to say that Hooman saved our ass and
let us win with a one goal margin.
Emotions were high.

Four to three like the ducks and the stars.

After the game we watched the Canucks choke.

6 ol' boys and 6 pylons
so appropriate
a tie in the power-rankings

Even tho' i got three penalties called against me
i gotta admit that these games are tightly called
and i enjoy it.

Then after everyone left Paul, Larry and i
went to Kilgour's cuz they have a satellite dish
and we watch the unlikely mighty ducks
defeat Dallas.

Now that was sweet,
even tho' i have Modano and Zubov in my pool
and i picked Dallas to win the cup.

Unlikely winners have a magical charm.

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