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on the day of the eve of elimination (May 5, 2003 - pregame)

vinnie said at the firkin that
its great that both series in this
second round are going three games
and no team has been eliminated
without putting up a great fight

even Sugar and Laurie's team
lost by a slim margin

this update usually gets written
on the night of the games but
i was so tired after last weeks games
that it took me a week to recover

the pylon - ol' boys game was fascinating
the pylons went into a slump which
happens to us once in a while

we were hoping to take advantage of the
fact that Loren hadn't played much recently
but thru the whole period we barely took
any shots on net and we trailed 6-1
going into the second half

the boyz were getting production from everywhere
everyone on their team scored in that first half

then Shiney began to live up to his name.
he scored twice in the first minute of the
second and a couple of times later
matching his year's point total in this
single game.
but he also drew three penalties which
ended up costing us as well.
but imagine going from five goals down to two goals up ... seven unanswered goals... it was amazing empowering invigorating and while we pylons were blissing out the boyz scored 4 unanswered goals and won the game

deep in my heart
i wanted the series to go to three games
because i just can't get enough...

but superficially in my shallow brain
i wanted to win
and for 10 minutes it felt like
that would be inevitable

so i got 10 minutes of bliss
and a whole week of deep heart massage
knowing there would be a third game
and i would get to play tonight
and so the best of all worlds
is playing itself out as i type

Carl (or team "C") got their defense going last game
but suffered the loss of speedy Patrick who is a
huge component of their speed alchemy.
They could really use Sanjay right now because
from the looks of it last week, it seems unlikely
that Pat will play.
It was amazing to see him come out to the bar afterwards.
It was an awesome firkin scene.
Davy Lantz was there too...

After Michelle left there were a lot of JCC boys and girls
who wondered if a Firkin waitress would ever emerge
who could fill her shoes, and aura, and etc...
and it may be premature but Sophie has got unbelievable
energy and she may even be feeling the "group love"
that we are capable of bestowing upon her.

so just like in the NHL
there will be teams eliminated tonight

hopefully the Canucks and the Sens will advance

if the pylonz lose then i'm turning into a
paparazzi/sports writer documenting the finals

but if Shiva, Krishna, Jesus, Davy Keon, Budha and Moses
are listening then we'll go to overtime and Paul will feed
me a perfect pass in the slot and Shiva will put rose pedals
on the goalie's eyes, and Krishna will make him want to sing, and Jesus will make him drunk with wine and Keon will put a jump in my step, and Budha will raise him off the ground and Moses will part his pads like the Dead Sea and i'll fire the perfect shot thru the 5 hole and it'll be Firkin time

i get religious when elimination time is near
it's also how i deal with death

so as a reminder,
Silver Men and Carl do the early game at 7:10
and Pylonz-Boyz at 8:20

i suppose if there is OT in the first game
then the late game's start-time will slide
which is cool because

in the Firkin Power-rankings
it appears that for the first time since
stats have been taken
there was a THREE-WAY TIE

the boyz had Jeff and the MTV line
Carl had PAT, Mike, Gabe and Andrea
and the Pylonz had Larry Paul Aron and i
(plus my two close friends Carolyn and John)

i've been emailing with Carrie and she sayz
"I miss my hockey league. The hockey league out here
just isn't the same. Those pucks really hurt! :)"
so it seems that what she really misses is our balls
and how soft they are. Squishy almost.

I feel sorry for those puckers. Ouch!

see ya'all tonight

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