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so another monday goes by... (Apr 24, 2003)

but this without the JCC, no Firkin, at least
it was Eddie Balfour's birthday and his peak experience this year i missed everyone like crazy

the leafs had a habit of choking earlier this year...
game 7 was a lot like the game i went to see at the skydome
(on the only night that i missed a jcc game this year)
the leafs were without imagination and what's worse
they abandoned their major checking game.
and again,
they were wimps in Philadelphia.
Maybe someone had gone into their dressing room
with a gun and threw them off their game.
They get paid to hit each other like gladiators.
So when the hits stop happening I think they've
been paid off.
Bertussi injures MacInnes and everyone is left wondering...
In the NHL the level of violence definitely goes up during the playoffs. The amount of legal checks like the one that injured MacInnes goes up tenfold. People like Reichel and Kaberle start throwing checks.

It tests us in many ways.
Thats another reason why jcc hockey
is more than a sports club and is,
also perhaps,
more than a way of life. Our little
community is like a micro-village under a
magnifying glass and tiny altercations are
made centre stage for a moment

You can't get away with anything
everybody sees all and deep down
we have the most respect for the non-hackers,
creative, fun, competitive, fair & fun

I wish I could do that round-about
thing Jeff Wener always does.
Or Davy's wristshot to the top corner.
Or Patrick's long runs. Or Andrea's perfect passes.
Or Jamie's big deak, or Adam's run your brains out
spontaneous inventions, or Mitch's rushes, or
Sander's tip-ins, there's something to admire
in everyone. At different moments we've
all had a time to shine. Even the ref
with some of his great, bold calls.

I've reffed and watched us all have a go at it
and i'm convinced it is tough to make a call in our league.
Don Cherry thinks refs call too much but in our league
when we reffed we didn't call anything. Paul and Aron
were probably the most judgmental while Jeff
and Chris would let everything go. We all tended to
let everything go. It takes a bold decision which has to be made in the moment.

Hats off to Josh who call all those unpopular penalties.
He has a real fair equanimity about him.
I don't think he cares who wins or not.

its late
seeya soon

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