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Thanks 'Ol Boys - Love thy enemy (Apr 16, 2003)

The old boys were crucial this year
making the Firkin a home, for starters
and what an amazing bunch of characters
you are making my league a great place
to win or lose
you rock

i love the whole league and the boyz
typify what i love about it

i know that jesus sayz "love thy enemy"
but with you guys its tooo easy and natural
because you're even gracious when you get injured
which is amazing and i really respect that
especially in contrast to the bullshit fighting that
went down last year and for years going back

yesterday i found out from Eric
that his elbow got hurt from falling by
stepping on Aron's stick. Injury sucks and
it makes me think that stepping on sticks
is the most common problem and both parties
have to be more conscious of it so it gets
minimized. Eric said he couldn't finish the game
because his elbow was swelling it was feeling
alright, he just had to rest it. I remember Mitch
leaving with an icepack. We really did a physical
number on your team and the pylons are going to have
to tone down rough play.

I stepped on someone's stick too and fell.
I looked at Josh because it seemed similar to
the one i had committed on Shane but i was up
right away and hardly got injured at all.
The extent of the injury should have something
to do with the crime.

I have a small blue bruise above my
right knee but it actually feels good because
it reminds how much i love sports. Temporary
little bruises are great because they make me feel
more alive somehow.

I feel guilty about not doing enough sports.
And I used to play sports a lot more and loved it
back then too. So the tiny bruises
actually feel good because it makes me think
i'm more sporty than i actually am.
Serious and lasting injuries that stick around
for a year or more are a different deal though.
I pulled my groin by hyperextending Mike
Palateer style in my first year when i played net.
The pain from that didn't go away for a long time
even tho' i continued to play goal for another year.
That injury actually improved my style because
everyone was shooting and scoring through the
five hole my first year which my inability to do the splits
had me close down a lot better. I became a more
stand-up uncommitted goalie by having a splits

Then a broken wrist from rollerblading kept me out
for a half year and a rotator cuff injury to my shoulder cramped my style last year but it is so recovered right now that i forgot and can't tell which one was injured.

That shoulder thing bugged me for an entire season
but i couldn't stop playing.

This lack of showers really bugs me because I'm not used
to not-showering but think of how cool the place will
be when its finished. There will be room for all the
crap that used to line the gym walls. Isn't it great playing with normal gym walls, no dangerous game-stopping obstructions. There will be amazingly cool new lockers. Not that i had any problem with the old lockers, they were fine. But especially after not-showering for a half a year, the showers will seem like nirvana.

I'll have to get used to showing up at the Firkin feeling
fresh and clean, & with dry clothes. I can handle that.

So I've got your book from Manjit, Mike T
and I am looking forward to reading it.
It's next on the fiction "to read" list.
Joel if you'd get me your screenplay I'd love to read that too.

Every week we rack up a hundred and five dollars of
tabs so someone in the group who has a creative way
of using it for tax purposes should claim it from me.
I have a collection of our Firkin receipts for you. I don't make enough to use/need it.

Maybe I should just give it to the Governors so that they can press the Firkin for more freebee nights.

Just got off the phone with Larry and I & we
just came up with a cool idea that combines his computing skills with my graphic skills and that is a continuation of an idea that Tim and I and others thought of earlier which was to make a deck of JCC hockey cards using our pictures, stats and bios instead of nhl pros.

So I'll finish up this email to scan in my old hockey cards
and let everyone know that we will need photos of everybody.
We need to set up mock "candid" hockey poses, or classic non-candid poses for the cards.

I'll bring out my camera next week and also to the party at the end. Also I'll check the shots we already have because some of them will be perfect for this.

Before i go i have to say that it was great to look at the neighbour's pool and see the muddy water reflecting things the wonderfully playful way that water moves, noticed for the first time after it melts, even when it is really muddy.

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