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October 19, 2015

best ball hockey league
on this tiny planet...
can't say I'm surprised
the finest league
would be in this famous
iconic hockey city... a bit
surprised its in this exact building,
but since many of us watched it grow
into the mature league that it now is...
ok before this post gets
too wordy and sentimental
lets get into the here and now...

first game of the '15-'16 season
starts in 2 hours !!
the team selection was done
via conference call...
courtesy of tech wiz joel lessem...
daniel presiding...

our challenges were...
making sure white isn't too strong... again...
fool me once shame on you...
fool me a half dozen times...

another challenge was dealing with teams
that use the "teammate preferences list"
to cast a net so integrated that it severely
limits our ability to create parity and
make healthy team transformations...

with ethan gone we are further challenged
when trying to place top scorers
on every team... especially with two
long-established dynamic duos
insisting on not being broken up...

after the first five games we can review
and make some more parity moves
but for the time being we are good to go !!

Commissioner Daniel got new sticks !
Those super flexible ones that were
the favourite of Amir Fatime, Mark Gregus
and still-active Paul Lepage !
They're great for wrist shots !

Time to get my gear together
for game ONE !!
Cant wait to reunite with the
JCC ball hockey community !!

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